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We are dedicated to the promotion of culture & cultural education, artistic expression and raising awareness of the richness of Madeira history and undiscovered arts. 

Our mission is creating the conditions for the harmonious development of personality, well-being, self-expression, lifelong learning, and continuous improvement. We strive to become a catalyst for cultural processes and be an educational resource for the broader audiences not only on Madeira but internationally as well. ARTE.M aims to elevate the social culture of Madeira through thought-provoking art experiences that stimulate intellectual exploration, curiosity, and independent thought.

Funky Graffiti


Serving the arts of Madeira and Portugal, providing a variety of opportunities to create, present and develop

Developing volunteer campaigns with the aim to provide the space for the harmonious development & exchange of young people, improving their skills related to working in artistic areas and thus, VERY IMPORTANTLY, improving their employability

Educationally supporting both the artists and the art researchers, providing tools and techniques for discovering the latest tendencies, supporting the practice of discovering local art

Creating the artistic bridge between the island of Madeira and other parts of the world through establishing connections with artistic entities who share our values

Participating in the cultural development provided by the public authorities, charity projects, expanding the cultural heritage and development of Madeira

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