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Artistic Workshops

Are one of the most loved and attended events of the association.

We invite local and international artists to share their techniques and approaches with amateur and professional artists and those interested in visual expression in general.

Since 2015, we have organized numerous workshops with:​

Marcos Milewski


Bettina Carlotta Radatz (Germany/Madeira)

Severo Delgado
(Cabo Verde)

Milena Milenkoska

Lera Sergeieva

Alecia Guseva

Svetlana Azernikova

Anastasia Mazur

Cefyn Evans

Each of these workshops was an opportunity where amateurs could learn about the artistic vision, preferred styles, mediums, and secrets from each of the experts and ask important follow-up questions.

We are very proud to be the host of such valuable educational events in Madeira.

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