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Dreamscape Sculpting or How to turn your dreams into reality

Discover the art of turning dreams into reality and learn how dreaming shapes our future with the power of Dream Map.

The mysterious world of dreams has captivated humans for as long as they can remember. These sneak peeks into our unconsciousness frequently blur the line between reality and imagination and occasionally reveal hints about our deepest desires, fears, and objectives. While some dreams may be forgotten after we wake up, others can have a profound impact on our lives, giving us a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

Through the Dreamscape Sculpting workshop led by Aga Makowska, which we did in our ARThub Madeira as a part of the Erasmus+ project nARTure, in this article we will explore the amazing significance of the power of dreaming with open eyes and the part that these dreams play in forming our future.

Exploring the captivating world of creating a Dream Map, we discovered how it works as a compass, leading us through the maze of questions and moving us toward the fulfillment of our most valued goals.

Let’s read more about this amazing workshop provided and guided by the Dream Alchemist, the facilitator Aga, through the experience of our beautiful intern, Claudia.

" On Friday, July 7th, we had the opportunity to participate in a workshop created by Aga Makowska, called Dreamscape Sculpting, the art of turning your dreams into reality. The workshop was mainly oriented for people who find themselves blocking their future, refusing to follow their dreams or simply lost on what they want to do in life.

The initial part of the workshop consisted of a little debate on what our opinions or perception of Dreamscaping was. For some people, the dreams you want to achieve are already goals you have obtained in another reality, where a version of you in the future has it. For others, dreams are objects of desire we want, but not necessarily know if we will achieve it. Some dreams can be more “realistic” than others.

After deciding which dream or dreams we wanted to visualize, it was time to start picking through a selection of magazines and papers Aga had brought to us, so we could create our dream maps.

Dreamscaping is different for everybody. While creating our own individual dream maps, we came across different perspectives everyone had. Some people were more artistic and creative, some were more simple. Some had more images, while others more words. Some people visualized more dreams, while others only expressed one or two dreams.

Aga taught us that our dreams are valid and if we work towards them, we can achieve anything we want. Dreaming is important, but also what we do to achieve it. Dreaming alone won't take you there.

So, for the final part of the workshop, we presented our maps to each other, or at least, those who felt comfortable enough sharing. Subsequently we were confronted with the question “So what is the first step you can take moving forward, so you can reach your dreams?”.

Searching for the answer to this question is important, because it makes you realize if you have an active role in the fulfillment of your dreams or not. A small number of people had actually started working towards their goals, but the rest were too afraid to take the first step.

Aga suggested that we hang up our dream maps in our houses or bedrooms somewhere where we can see it everyday, as a reminder to keep chasing our goals.

For me personally, I can say this was one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. The vibes and environment were good and I felt safe enough to open up about my dreams, goals and ambitions.

Normally, I don't indulge in this type of conversation, because I feel I will be judged for sharing my personal ambitions, but Aga’s workshop was different, so much that other participants shared the same opinion as me, and some of them even became quite emotional when speaking about their own personal goals"

For anyone interested, we will do the workshop once again or even twice, and if you want to participate do not forget to follow our Instagram accounts ( @arte.m.association and @artcentercaravel ) where we post everything on time, so you will get the chance to hear all about the next opportunity, first!


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