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How it is to be an art volunteer on Madeira island.

Living in a large international family

Since coming to Madeira, my life has changed dramatically. And the first thing I had to change was my lifestyle. My new home is now in the hills of an island with a small garden and a large family. Although before that I always lived in an apartment and did not plan to move to a private house.

By family, I mean 7 roommates. All of them are from different countries with their own traditions and customs. All these unknown people a few months ago became for me close people with whom it is so pleasant to spend time.

This house is never quiet, especially at night. We can get hungry at two o'clock and decide to cook something. Probably, it is worth stopping at dinners - because this is a special part of our life.

When the curfew was at 6pm, we all got together and tried different recipes. Then they sat for a long time on the roof with candles and talked to music. For all the time we have tried the national cuisine of Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Greece and Africa.

And if you climb to the very top of the roof, you can see the incredible sunset every day.

Recently, we began to see each other less, because now is the time for exams. Away from home and friends, they became support for me, and I for them.

We are all from different countries, we speak different languages, but within the walls of this house we are a big international family. A family sharing the news at dinner helps, empathizes and celebrates victories.

Elisabet Den, art volunteer of ARTE.M association. summer 2021

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