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New Face at Our ARTE.M Association - Art Historian Sanja from Macedonia

Sanja is our super artsy and creative ESC volunteer from Vinica, Macedonia. We asked her how she ended up in Madeira, what are her first impressions and future plans.

Ola! Let's get to know you a little. What did you do before coming here and why did you decide to apply for this project?

Hi! In fact, my interest in ARTE.M Association started 2 years ago when I first applied for the ESC volunteering. However, I misspelled the email, and my application never reached its recipient! Because of that I started following ARTE.M on social media, and I was among the first ones to see the new opportunity. Without thinking twice, I applied in the first minutes.

Before this project, I studied art history, and I had a full-time job in Macedonia.

What is your first impression of Madeira?

I have to say that I was quite frightened before my arrival. I was not sure if I will adjust to the new workplace and the life on an island.

But, as soon as I landed here, I fell in love with Madeira! Its landscapes, the ocean, the tropical flowers and fruits… Stunning! I even have bananas in my garden, how cool is that!?

I also quickly adapted to the volunteering project, and I started enjoying my time at the gallery.

What do you like most about this project?

I really like the fact that this project is very challenging! Critical thinking and decision making are super important here, and I believe the skills acquired during this project are going to be valuable for my future.

As I mentioned before, I studied Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje and this is my first art-related job. The art scene on Madeira is quite interesting – from public street art to big contemporary art names, such as Marcos Milewski, and my favourite artist from Art Center Caravel – Nathan Slate.

What's your plan for the next months here?

I am looking forward to gain knowledge and experience about the local and international art scene, as well as explore the island. Also, I would love to take part in the various workshops offered here, such as: sustainable fashion, environmental awareness, and art curating.

Describe your life here so far.

Miraduros, poncha and Arte de Portas Abertas.

March 2023,

ARTE.M team


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