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On the edge in Caniço

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Just before the heaviest rain I had ever seen in my life, I took advantage of a sunny Saturday and went to another magical place: Caniço! Actually, when I first came to Madeira, this is the first place I visited, but it was too good not to go again! A view that takes your breath away and the wind that caresses your face are more than enough reasons to spend some time there. Another reason is the famous statue ,14 metres tall , was sculpted by two French artists, Georges Serraz and the better-known Pierre Charles Lenoir, whose work is in museums around France.The monument is on a platform above the Garajau Marine Reserve and the limitless blue expanse of the Atlantic.

The view is even better if you carry on to the tip of the peninsula, where you;’ll make out the Bay of Funchal and the white houses of the capital teetering on the slopes. Another landform you’ll see from the headland at the Miradouro Cristo Rei is this tiny beach at the base of the cliffs.

Amazingly you can actually walk or drive down to the beach, along a zigzagging road with a gradient that will make the bravest drivers wince.

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