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Productive Discussions in Constanta, Romania – My Soft City Project Nears Its Final Stage

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A final meeting was held in the beautiful coastal city of Constanta to mark the closure of the two-year-long international project, "My Soft City: From Flaneur to Entrepreneur." The event brought together participants from four different countries, who presented the progress made during the project and discussed suggestions for further improving the final results.

The project, which aimed to transform urban spaces into interactive environments, has been a collaborative effort between Romania, along with Portugal, Sweden and France. Over the course of two years, the project team worked diligently to implement various initiatives, including the creation of interactive maps, games, and the collection of successful entrepreneurship stories from the four participating nations.

During the final meeting, participants showcased the impressive achievements accomplished so far. The interactive maps provided a comprehensive overview of the urban spaces involved in the project, highlighting areas of interest and promoting local businesses. The interactive games developed as part of the project aimed to engage citizens in urban exploration, encouraging them to discover hidden gems and foster a sense of community pride.

One of the major highlights of the meeting was the presentation of the successful entrepreneurship stories. These stories served as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing real-life examples of individuals who transformed their passion into thriving businesses within their communities. The stories were compiled into an engaging e-book, making them accessible to a wider audience and serving as a valuable resource for future initiatives.

The meeting was characterized by lively discussions and enthusiastic participation from all attendees. Participants shared valuable insights and suggestions on how to further improve the project's outcomes and enhance its impact. The collaborative atmosphere brought an interesting exchange of ideas, contributing to the overall success of the meeting.

With the final meeting concluded, the project now enters its last phase, where the team will focus on implementing the suggestions and feedback received during the discussion. The combined efforts of the four participating countries have paved the way for a successful transformation of urban spaces into vibrant and interactive hubs.

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