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What is a garbage installation like? That's right, to the trash!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Have you thought about marine debris. Pieces of plastic, old nets for fishing. All this "beauty" calmly swims in the ocean just a couple of meters from the coast and is located on the beaches of our beautiful Madeira island.

And what if you use some of this trash to create a living poster about the harm that trash can do. What do you need? 26 French eco-volunteers

One Kraken ship

And a bunch of friends from Madeira Island, ARTE.M is here!!!!

Downtown of Funchal has become the site of an open installation.

The almost destroyed old building served as a base for the work of artists and volunteers.

Recently, the Kraken moored to the coast of the island with 26 people on board. The task of the Kraken and its crew is to travel across the different islands of the Atlantic Ocean and to clean up. From year to year, this route measures the amount of pollution control and identifies the types of pollution concentrated in these areas. European islands and archipelagos are given priority as they are isolated and exposed to sea currents that regularly waste waste along the coast.

Crazy "Kraken" team

Preliminarily, a meeting was held between the entire Kraken team and ARTE.M. Also managed to visit the ship and get a better understanding of the project. Thus, artists, organizers and volunteers were able to concentrate on visualizing the idea. The importance of environmental coverage has become a trigger for the creation of an unusual installation.

As everyone knows, Santa Maria street is different from other streets with its painted doors. But now the project was about using windows. The guys who from the Kraken, together with Ocean Devotion Madeira, collected trash from the local beaches of the island and moved it to a frequently visited street. The installation has its own words and visualizations, to which people reacted. Thus, the work stirred up the public and made them speak, completely doing their job.

Our volunteer Elisabeth put the final point

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