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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Friends, amigos, друзі, друзья...our world has changed. Yesterday's peaceful cities today are waking up to the roar of bombs, sounds of explosions.

People trying to escape run to the borders of the country, hoping to find a safe place. People are hiding in basements and bomb shelters. Families lose parents, children. This terrible war put at risk not only the multi-million Ukraine but also Europe and our whole world. We are an art association and an Art Center Caravel, we are artists, photographers, social workers we do not know how to hold a weapon in our hands.

But we can, want and must to help. Today in Madeira we started the formation of a charity exhibition. All money received from the sale of works will be directed to several funds. UNICEF helping children and Ukrainian Food for life Foundation.

If you are ready to help us, you just need to write us an e-mail and leave your coordinates for communication. We're only looking for a few people.

  • English is required, a computer is desirable. We welcome artists and photographers.

  • We are also looking for a person who knows how to lead the mass media.

  • We need someone who can write well in English and Portuguese.

  • We are also looking for artists willing to put their work up for a charity auction.

Thank you, we are waiting for your letters! Together we are stronger!

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