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10th annual Regional Arts Week created by 4000 schoolchildren in the heart of Funchal

Madeira - this small piece of land in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water from all sides, might be the perfect place to develop your creativity. Far away from the busy European lifestyle, traffic and chasing careers, here looks like time has stopped. Or at least goes slower. I believe that this is a huge factor why many Madeirans turn to art, and many international artists choose to move here. Not only the lifestyle, kind people, green mountains, magical flowers and ocean… but also the Regional Government of Madeira is supporting the art. Through the year they always organize and support artistic events.

This year Madeirans are celebrating 40 years of Art education on Madeira. This is celebrated together with the 10th annual edition of the Regional Arts Week (Semana Regional das Artes). From 22nd June to 4th of July many cultural events took place in several locations in Funchal. Due to the already well-known pandemic situation, some of the events were shown on social media as well. What is really fascinating is that 4000 Madeira’s schoolchildren from primary and secondary schools are the main actors. Together with their teachers, art groups and other students, they organize events, create art, theatre, concerts and much more. For the first time, this year there was be a puppet exhibition as well.

“The Heart of Art”, located on Avenida Arriaga, was part of this event and gave special charm to the already magical center of Funchal. Our art friend Fátima Spínola was part of the team. We asked her few questions about the whole process.

Why did you decide to join Semana Regional das Artes?

I decided to join Arts Week after being invited by São Filipe School. This year, each participating school explored with its students the work of an artist, determined by the Regional Department of Education.

With how many students you were working and how much time you needed to prepare the artistic presentation?

I've been collaborating with 30 students. We started to work together in 2020 and, due to the pandemic, we could only continue the work this year (2021). For the entire development of the project, two teachers and some employees worked for several days with the students. And I had the pleasure of being present in 4 working sessions.

What materials did you use?

We used 2 balloons as a base, and for the creation we used newspaper, white glue, hot glue, printed paper, acrylic paints, blue plastic bags and wool.

Do you think the project contributes to the development of creativity and love towards art in young generations?

I'm sure this project develops creativity and love towards art in young generations. More important than the result of the works is to give the children the opportunity for decision and action during the work process. Building memories and practical and theoretical knowledge.

Marija Trifunovska


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