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Behind the Heart, Soul & Muscles of ARTE.M there is a team of absolutely wonderful, and dedicated to the cause people! 

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ARTE.M association PRESIDENT



Spending more than 30 years in a fast-paced megapolis city environment and working in fashion, PR and journalistic industries she's been finding her heart on the beautiful Madeira island for the past 10 years now.

Working with the association is a unique chance for her personally and for the art life on the island in general. Her experience helps her to combine the best of the city living on a small island.

Work and see things through the eyes of ARTE.M's volunteers.

New culture, knowledge, skills and young fresh perspective at any question presented is what inspires her to do what she does! It helps to enrich her island life and share her insights with the local culture and art development. ♥

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Cefyn is responsible for organizing and designing all the art exhibitions, writing curatorial and critical essays, overseeing stock catalog, and Fine and Decorative art evaluation.

In the beginning a collector for some years, he turned gallerist and art dealer initially as a method of upgrading his private collection. It is the discovery of artworks which have been overlooked and finding artists whose careers (new or mature) need a break of sunshine which drives him every day.

"Ownership of art allows you to become part of its history".



Anastasia Mazur, Trainer, Youth Worker, Project Manager, has extensive experience in non-profitable non-governmental work.


In 2008, she started activities in public sector with the anti-tobacco campaign in Ukraine which was part of a global campaign and became an alumnus of the Global Leadership Programme of Johns Hopkins Institute of Public Health (Baltimore, US) in 2012. In 2013, she continued her public and social activism through Youth in Action and then Erasmus+ Programme with Center for Euroinitiatives in Ukraine, supervising European Voluntary Projects with the association.


Anastasia has participated in numerous trainings and seminars and has organized several of them as a part of Center for Euroinitiatives in Ukraine, Teatro Metaphora (Madeira, Portugal), ARTE.M (Madeira, Portugal) and as an invited trainer with SFERA (Macedonia), Innovaform (Hungary), GuideHub (UK) and Udruga EU Centar (Croatia) within Erasmus+, Youth in Action, European Economic Area (EEA) grants and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

She is an experienced youth worker who has obtained competencies in various non-profitable projects in Portugal and Ukraine. 



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