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New talent at ARTE.M : Karolina, a young polish photographer

We are thrilled to introduce you the new member at our ARThub: Karolina, from Poznań, Poland, we let you discover her through our interview !

Ola ! Let’s get to know more about you, who are you and why are you here with us ?

I am an intermedia photography student and I’m here for an internship with Erasmus+ to do a photography project about Madeira. This is the first time that I can do a project for an art gallery/association, and I am a beginner in this field, so I feel very lucky and excited !

What are your first impressions of Madeira ?

I really think that it is a beautiful island ; I usually like hiking in the mountains, and the first thing I saw when I left the airport in Santa Cruz was the big and beautiful mountains, and I really want to experience this. I feel like the landscapes here are very enchanting, it is like a present from nature, and I also think that Portuguese people are really nice and welcoming !

Can you explain to us your art ?

I am focused to intermedia photography : I don’t only take pictures, I make photo object, I can print and make sculpture of it, for example I have already printed photos on glass (picture below), I like to work with the pictures and transform them into object. I am more focused on modern and contemporary photography, I don’t take pictures of landscapes, I prefer making concepts, and transform photography with materials. I have always taken pictures, my dad was a photographer, but I started to do artistic photography 3 years ago. I sent an application to the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań, but they declined it, then I tried it again last year and they accepted me. I’m constantly working on it, and I am really focused on it since a year.

Why have you chosen Art HUB ?

The truth is I really wanted to go to Madeira ; I was searching for places in here connected with art, especially contemporary art, and I found Art Center Caravel, I was very interested by this place so I sent an application and they answered to me. I really like it because it is an international place, I am here since two days and I’m meeting a lot of different people from different countries, and I feel warmly welcomed here.

What are you going to plan for your future ?

I still want to develop photography skills. I would like to work in a gallery or a photography studio, and why not, later, create a special space for students to let them make their own exhibition, like a little art gallery. In my university we have to do exhibitions at the end of the year, and I know that some students struggle with that, so I would like to build a sort of community of people who can expose their own art.

Thank you so much Karolina, we are very excited to start this adventure with you at ARTE.M !

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