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Explore the Summer Art Residency Experience at Our Gallery and ARThubMadeira

Yes, it is done…As a result, the ARThubMadeira- pilot project's art residence program is virtually complete.

This year, we worked successfully with a government initiative that was overseen by the Direção Regional de Juventude

We have welcomed a number of current and former students from Portuguese art institutions at our Art Center Caravel, ARTE.M association, and ARThubMadeira, and today we will be able to hear their thoughts on working for us.

Claudia 3 months worked under the Ingress@ programme as a gallery assistant and facilitator for the organisation, supervised the "Mad in Madeira" competition and brought order to the organisation of our work.

"My name is Cláudia Escórcio and I am a 22 year old master student, with a degree in Visual Arts.

I picked the Art Center Caravel gallery, because being a visual art student and artist would be a very rich experience and learning moment for how the world of arts actually works.

In my time in the gallery, I had the chance of exploring different types of arts to more depth, and also had the chance of curating my own exhibition for the first time with the help of our coordinator, Svetlana, which for me was the craziest thing I did while working at the gallery.

I enjoyed the time I spent at the gallery, not only for the work I did and for what I learned, but most importantly the people I worked with, which became my gallery family.

For anyone looking for a place to do their internships or for the future upcoming interns of Art Center Caravel gallery, you will be very welcomed to our family and get ready to enrich your knowledge and experience in the art world."

Laura 1 month of art residency as part of Programa Estágios de Verão a great designer and also a very responsive member of the team...If you need to improve your site in a couple of weeks, just call Laura, she helped can see her design on our site.

Laura Jardim (b. 2003, Funchal, Madeira Island) is a Communication Design student in the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto. Currently in her 3rd year of studies, she believes graphic design has the power to change things around us and loves to be involved in the creative process behind finding visual and graphic solutions for everyday life problems. Specially interested in learning more about Web Design and Typography, she hopes to be able to participate in projects where her creative and graphic skills are improved and used to the fullest during her professional life.

“During my one month internship in ARTE.M, I was challenged to update some of the web pages from the website as well as drawing bananas, a lot of them. It was, overall, a very nice and fun experience where I got to meet some amazing people and connect with them, learning a bit from everyone. I had a very good time and my favourite part from this month was definitely being able to participate in amazing workshops, one of which, we actually learned to print using milk cartoons. It was a very crazy and enjoyable experience and I hope to be able to use it in the future.”

Duarte 1 month and actually more of art residency as part of Programa Estágios de Verão

one of curator our newest exhibition "The purplу island", which will be very useful for those interested in the history and culture of our island. He is also the one who has been an art guide for Madeira and has truly made our partners from Greece, Spain and Poland fall in love with our island.

Duarte Nóbrega, born and raised in Madeira, Portugal, in 2003. He’s currently studying “Cultural Studies” in the University of Madeira (UMa). He has a great interest in the early stages of art made by people who were still far of being call a civilization or were in the beginning of organizing them.

He isn’t an artist, but he possesses an interest in the history of art. Nevertheless, his passion also aligns with the classic cultures, such as the ones from Ancient Greece and Rome. He wishes to follow his career as an Anthropologist, and be able to study a variety of cultures, their tradition, their people and their mentality.

“I loved being able to work in the Art Caravel Gallery and ARTE.M association it was a unique experience and made have even more interest for art. It was a very friendly and welcoming environment which allowed me to know people from different places, with different traditions, ideas, beliefs, with different cultures. I am very blessed to have the chance to meet them and to be able to call them my friends.

I want to thank everyone that I worked with for providing me this amazing adventure. Likewise, a special thanks for my boss Svetlana Azernikova-Yurzditskaya, for receiving me and give me the chance to curate, together with my good friend Rodrigo Franco, our own exhibition.

As an advice to anyone interested in art, to any artist, with you want to have an interactive experience, participate and/or organize workshops, and being in a friendly environment, I recommend the Art Caravel Center, in Madeira Island, Portugal!”

Rodrigo 1 month of art residency as part of Programa Estágios de Verão

Rodrigo, the ideologist and curator of the exhibition "The purplу island", is part of one of the many projects carried out by our association and we are truly happy that together with Rodrigo we were able to go from the inception of the idea to its realisation.

"My name is Rodrigo Franco, I am 21 years old, and I’m from Machico, Madeira. I study Communication, Culture and Organizations at the University of Madeira, currently finishing the third year of the bachelor.

It’s hard to choose which of the moments was the craziest, from travelling around the island with a Polish group, to being able to visit someone with an art collection containing jaw dropping pieces, or even just inviting some cool people so we could have an epic churrasco at my house. B-)

For anyone who decides to do an internship in the gallery, first it was the right choice, second take no prejudice from anyone you work with and be as open minded as possible"

Vanessa, 1 month of art residency as part of Programa Estágios de Verão

Probably the most calm and smiling member of our team. She is the one who created the Recycling Art Workshop, which was chosen as one of the best examples for our international Erasmus project.

"My name is Vanessa Matilde Rodriguez Aleixo, I was born in Venezuela on October 2, 1998. In 2014 I emigrated with my family to Portugal-Madeira, where I studied design. While I worked at the Arte M. gallery, the craziest thing I did it was seeing a real camera obscura and having experienced and taught for the first time how to make a mosaic with eggshells"

Mericia, 3 months worked under the Ingress@ programme as a designer, gallery and art shop assistant. A lovely and friendly member of the team, a great designer and illustrator.... just the right person to rely on.

"Hi, my name is Merícia Dantas, I'm 23 years old and I'm a young artist who has always dedicated herself to the arts from an early age, with a greater emphasis on traditional and digital drawing. I have a degree in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Animation and Illustration at the Polytechic Institute of Cavado and Ave. I ended up choosing ARTE.M cultural and artistic association in Madeira to carry out my internship covered by the Ingress@ program for 3 months in 2023.

During the internship, I had the opportunity to work in the gallery and in the store, which allowed me to have new experiences in areas such as customer service, sales, organizing artistic exhibitions, curation, design, blogging, and constant contact with young people and projects from Erasmus+.

What I wasn't expecting was that a simple internship would be able to bring me several opportunities for my independent artistic career, as several opportunities arose to participate in festivals and artistic events throughout the island and which I insisted on participating in.

In addition to the more professional experience, all the colleagues and other interns with who I had the opportunity to work, made a point of making the environment always happy and fun. Let's say there was no lack of good spirit in the gallery.

For me, the most fun moments were always in the workshops, especially the more practical ones, because we were all together creating something artistic and in between there was always confusion and fun, we always ended up covered in paint but in the end it was worth it.

In the store, I remember a funny situation with a customer that I will never forget.

This same client was foreign and deaf, but I hadn't noticed and welcomed him as usual. Promptly, through gestures, the man explained that he didn't listen but always with huge smile. Then, there was a sculpture in the store made by Francisco Teixeira which represented the fish sellers at the Mercado dos Lavradores, and the man began to imitate the sculpture's big ears and facial expressions, saying they looked similar. It was a very funny and at the same time affectionate situation because he didn't need to hear me for both of us to be having fun.

My advice to future interns is to take advantage of the internship period to work on yourself and your projects. ARTE.M and Art Center Caravel is always open to listening to new ideas and projects and you may have a great opportunity here to take your first steps in the professional and artistic world, having the support of an association that is recognized in Madeira and abroad. Furthermore, always try to learn from your colleagues because the experience ends up being done together with several young people from other countries, where you can talk about your ideas and obtain different points of view, new ideas, new knowledge, new ideologies and share knowledge between everyone in an enriching and unforgettable way"

For our part, we greatly appreciate all of the interns who helped make our summer art residency vibrant, colorful, and active. We really appreciate the Juventude Directorate's (Direção Regional de Juventude ) creation of the programs, their expert management, and their assistance and support at every stage.Through these programs, we are confident that in 2024 we will also be able to engage with young pupils, and we have already begun to plan our ideas and projects.

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