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ANASTASIIA KUKHARENKO Almadeira exhibition 2024

“Ilha do meu coração” - Madeira. Bright. Colorful. Delightful. Wild. Autentic. Natural. Breathtaking. Lush. Scenic. Exotic. Vibrant. Enchanting. So many stories and memories behind, captured by my eyes and saved in my heart. Moving to Madeira Island was a big moment for my art journey. Surrounded by its amazing views, I held my first art show and felt my creativity reach new levels. Madeira's natural beauty, from its wild ocean waves to its rocky mountains and untouched forests, always inspired me. Even the buildings and people on the island are connected to nature, creating a peaceful and authentic atmosphere

 What inspired the collection featured in this exhibition?

Well, this exhibition is dedicated to landscapes and people of Madeira. So I got inspired by unique and trully beautiful nature of Madeira. By people of Madeira. Anywhere I go I see inspiring people, stories, places and I always feel an urge to capture everything. And it's not only about my paintings, I also find photography an inspiring way to show yourself

Could you share a bit about your creative process for these pieces?

Usually I take photos of what I like, and later then I make a composition based on that 

How do you feel your style has evolved since your last exhibition?

I feel that my skill definitely developed and changed a bit. I started to focus more on the entire vibe, rather than tiny details, like I used to do

Are there any particular themes or messages you aimed to convey through your artwork?

My only message is always the same: look around and find happiness and beauty in anything you see. Rather it's a innocent sunray, gentle ocean wave, people selling fruits or juicy green grass up there in the hills

What do you hope viewers take away from experiencing your art?

Firstly, I hope to kind of share my favourite Madeira places for foreign people to visit and local people to appreciate and don't forget how precious little things around are

Are there any specific emotions or reactions you aim to evoke from your audience?

 I want everyone who ever look on any of my painting to feel comforted, warm and cozy

Can you speak to any overarching narratives or stories that connect the pieces in this exhibition?

Actually lots of my memories and stories are connected with each of my works in that exhibition. It may look like a simple cute landscape or so, but there is always an interesting adventure behind it

What role does color play in your artistic expression, especially within this collection?

 I didn't even think about it before, but most of the paintings are full of green, blue and yellow. Which apparently stands for grass, skies and ocean and of course precious sunlight

How do you balance between preserving your artistic vision and engaging with audience feedback?

To be honest, I'm just trying to be myself and hope that my audience will acknowledge beauty of small joys I'm willing to capture

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