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Discover Madeira in a few days are for the first time in Portugal and Madeira (already or just planning) not know anything about the culture of Madeira not speak Portuguese?

It's normal...our volunteers and interns are always stressed on their first days on the job. Today we wanted to know who they are, what they love and what they fear.

Today we will talk to Maëlle she is our intern from France CCI Gard high school in Nimes

"So hello, my name is Maëlle and I'm the new intern at the Caravel Art Center and in ARTE.M association.

I arrived on May 6 and the same day I had an adventure!

I don't speak Portuguese and when I got on the bus to go to the house where I currently live, what I said was not understandable! So I found myself in a bus whose destination I did not know.

Honestly, that's my life, things always happen to me, adventures and everything"

I am in BTS Gestion de PME at the CCI high school in France and I have been living there for a year. I made the decision to apply to higher education schools in France without the agreement of my parents who live there. in Guyana. It's quite funny because no one expected it. It was a general surprise when I told them that I had passed the competitions of several business schools and that therefore I was going to France (without funding or anything) . Knowing that I did a science baccalaureate and that I had to continue on this path, no one understood why I was going to a business school, but that's how I am, determined, stubborn at times and above all persevering.

I was sure that science was not made for me but my parents and especially my grandfather did not agree, so at barely 17 years old I decided to finally do what I wanted, to go alone for my future.What I love the most is my family, I love them with all my heart.

So let me introduce you to my mom, she's an extraordinary woman who I care a lot about (especially in terms of character), she's a bit like my best friend. It may sound a bit corny but it's the truth!"

"So I arrived here in Madeira in the Caravel art center to do an internship and I have absolutely no regrets. The strangest thing is that in France I had almost gotten used to people's coldness and rudeness, but here, as in Guyana, people are warm, smiling and it really gives me pleasure to find this state of mind before I go back home.

That's all for now...Adventures in Madeira just start

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