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Milena Milenkoska our volunter from Macedonia for the project "Art in the heart"

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Our volunteer from the previous year, Milena, is 26 years old, comes from Macedonia and was part of the project "Art in the heart", four months together with Lera from Ukraine, who is now her great friend. They had different tasks, Lera did the marketing part, managed the Facebook page and Instagram profile, and Milena did free tours for tourists, workshops. As she said, they were great partners, they complemented each other.

The wall of the shop on 60 Santa Maria Street was made by her, almost at the end of the project, so it is not finished yet. One day, our mentor Sveta asked her to do something interesting and fun on the wall, so she decided to start with a cat and just add things, and eventually the wall became a colorful and beautiful art.

She was working on it for three weeks, and people loved it, which was the most important thing for her, as she says.

We asked her, how you feel about this place? Santa Maria Street means a lot to her! Walking there every day, she felt happy to be on this island. Everyone was so positive and happy, so she was immersed in incredible energy. She is so nostalgic and would love to come back in the future!

If you ask hers and our mentor Sveta, how she would describe Milena, she says: active, optimistic, romantic, orange girl!

In the end, Milena thanked everyone who was part of the project and somehow helped her to have a good time here. Our organization thanks Milena for everything she has done here and we wish her to visit us again!


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