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Art Center Caravel together with the Madeira Friends community at Pestana CR7 hotel

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Madeira Island is becoming the place to be for the digital nomads, and how to meet more friends if not on one of the best parties at Pestana CR7 hotel. Chill and grill, a BBQ and pool party, is organized every month by the Madeira Friends International Community Association. The breathtaking views from the Pestana CR7 rooftop pool, the music, the dancing, the atmosphere and all the different activities make this event the most popular in the community.

This time, our Art Center Caravel and our artist Tereza Sýkorová were part of the event. The workshop under the name Live Art was a place where everyone could express their creativity without limits.

Tereza started her abstract painting on a roll of paper, after which many people got interested and joined. She guided them, taught them how to mix colors or shapes, but at the same time let them express how they felt, or what they were thinking about. As more and more people joined, we had to open the roll of paper, which finally was 5 meters long!

The final result was a unique piece of art that will stay as a memory of this unforgettable day.

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