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International ART corner on Funchal's most popular street , Santa Maria : Art Center Caravel

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Research shows that 13% of the island visitors come here for culture and art, out of 1.5 million tourists per year.This creates demand big enough for visual art! And the most unique , made and selected with special love , you can find in an international ''Art Center Caravel''. A place with special energy, friendly and smiling people who welcome you and help you choose your work of art! Tripadvisor says: Art place number one!

Collection of ceramics from Francisco Teixeira

This place appeared thanks to the collaboration of Ukrainian and Russian art managers, residents of Madeira. Oksana Sukhonosova and Svetlana Azernikova: " The beginning of this art project was laid five years ago. Today Art Center Caravel is an art shop where you can find art and craft and ceramics. And this is of course a contemporary art gallery that represents both Portuguese artists and residents of the island".

Sveta Azernikova, art director of Art Center Caravel.."from Russia with love"
Sveta Azernikova, art director of Art Center Caravel.."from Russia with love"

It was not easy to find your place in another country, among people who speak a completely different language. It's much easier today. We have made wonderful loyal friends, our artists and craftsmen, we are known on the island. Our regulars come to visit us year after year. And yes, we already speak Portuguese.

Bem vindos ao nosso Art Center Caravel !!!

Five years ago, preparing our ar space

Masks, clocks, mirrors and much more handmade by FLOWER POWER FROM MADEIRA

Caravel Art Center is open to Madeirense, to international artists living on the island and to foreign artists who want to exhibit here. When artist bring their works, we evaluate the quality and the possibility of selling them to tourists.


Unique magnets and Portuguese ceramics

A huge vacant niche in Madeira is handicraft and recycling art.The shop includes a few producers but mostly foreigners. A girl from Belarus who lives in Porto, young Russian man living in Madeira who makes jewelry, French woman on the island that makes sculptures from driftwood, and my favorite "Flower power from Madeira" by Sveta Azernikova.

Tree made of MADEIRA wine barrel wood

No matter where you go, it's nice to have souvenirs with you, at home! and here you have the best!


SHOP: Funchal, Santa Maria street, downtown, 60

Mon - Fri 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sat 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

GALLERY: Funchal, D.Carlos I street 19A

Thanks to MY MADEIRA ISLAND for information

Veronika Zhezhovska 06.11.2020


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