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One more successful Erasmus project of ARTE.M association, together with Sfera International, enriched the beauty of our island. From 30th of November until 8th of December, teams from 6 different countries visited Funchal, and during this time created a lot of art content, photos, video and a mural.

Macedonians, Italians, Latvians, Bulgarians, Spanish and Portuguese youngsters, all shared their different cultural identities, bringing all participants to an intercultural dialog and mutual understanding of each other’s culture. Each team introduced their own country by sharing different traditions, art, music and food. Besides the differences, we found out that we have similarities as well, which further strengthen our friendship.

Participants were divided in 3 groups, and each group has a specific task to fulfil: film a video, photography exhibition or create a mural. The whole project took place at the Centro de Juventude do Funchal that is already known as a place where young people gather and create art projects. Naturally, the mural was painted on one of the main walls of the building. It took three days to create the mural, for which the group was preparing even months before. They collected different motives that represent each county, combined them together, and the final result was fantastic! Italian Vespa, Portuguese and Macedonian flowers, together with Latvian motive and Bulgarian and Spanish ceramics are part of this Wall of culture. This unique fingerprint will always be there as a reminder that differences not only co-exist together, but when combined they are the best!

Photography team was walking around the city, exploring the atmosphere and took photos of what they liked. Photos were then printed and shown on the entrance of the Pousada (hostel). They also came up with idea to make portraits of all participants.

Video group was also casually exploring the city, trying to get in touch with locals as well as tourists. One main question was always in mind: “What comes to your mind when thinking of culture?“ Not surprisingly, majority of the people answered that differences in culture actually bring people together. One of the tourists even said: “It would be so boring if all people are the same”.

In addition, all days at the Pousada were filled with fun, laughter, lots of learning, games for sharing cultural differences, as well as an international dinner.

The project became so popular, that even RTP Madeira visited us and did an interview which can be found HERE.

JM Cultura, 4.12.2021

Artistas de seis países criam ‘Mural de Erasmus’ no Funchal

ARTE.M team

Funchal, 2021


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