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Art Open Space in old town Funchal – work and pleasure do go together!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Newly opened Art Open Space is inviting you to sprinkle your everyday job with specialty coffee, healthy food and cozy co-working atmosphere.

Madeira Island is increasingly popular place for young IT workers and digital nomads. Therefore, the idea of creating the Art Open Space came naturally. Our team wanted to provide our community with a place that offers different type of experience, while still being productive and get the job done.

By working together with Art Food Corner, we ensure that our visitors enjoy the best specialty coffee and are never hungry! On the other hand, as part of Art Center Caravel, we provide artistic, inspiring and cozy atmosphere.

The Art Open Space (Rua D. Carlos I, 19A) is open Monday to Friday between 10-17h. Entrance is free, with a purchase of coffee/drink and food from the Art Food Corner.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Art Open Space Team


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