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artE de pORtas abErtas -Interview with Jose Zyberchema who run that project since 2010

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Arte de portas abertas The arT of oPEn doORs is a project with huge impact on the city, important for Funchal, local people and interesting for the tourists. That's why we decided to tell you more about it , and invited Jose, the author of this project for an interview .This conversation is just the beginning of a future collaboration, we hope , and an initiative to upgrade this project.

The project started in 2010, what was your motivation for that?

Jose: Giving new life to a degraded and forgotten area of ​​the city of Funchal through artistic interventions on its degraded doors.

doors by Irene Quintal
doors by Irene Quintal

What was the goal?

Jose:Energize the area by bringing Art to the street and create artistic spaces.

Bring Art to the people.

Students from Coimbra

How did you choose which artists will participate in the project?

Jose:I started with the artists I knew and then new artists were offered to participate.

The project is open to participate consecrated artists or other lesser known artists.

I have always liked the Historic Zones of cities, and with the project I found a way to integrate myself into the space.

Photos from Jose Zyberchema archive

How satisfied are you with what you have done?

Jose:The project began in August 2010 and is a project that is still active.

While there are abandoned spaces.I am satisfied with the project as it has given new life to the Zona Velha de Funchal. The pity is that it has been derived to be a space of restoration and with few artistic spaces.

But it saddens me that the few inhabitants of the area have been disappearing.

Art Center Caravel and ARTE.M association door...Funchal, Dom Carlos I, 19a

How much do you think the project has contributed to the development of tourism in this part of the city?

Jose:The project has promoted Funchal for tourism, since it is an area that is full of tourists, and practically all tourists visit this area.

Our volunteer Alecia and door by Fátima Spinola

What about the disappearing doors?

Jose:The buildings change ownership or there are new shops and some of the gates have "disappeared", a project of these characteristics in open spaces suffers from the economic consequences and from some lack of respect for the owners of the spaces.

The project is in continuous evolution, a cycle of being born-live-die-reborn ....

And it will always remain in memory.

Although efforts are already being made to revitalize it, and I hope to see results soon.

There was once a painted door here too

Doors that no longer exist

Would you do that again?

Jose:Yes, I would do it again, although I made sure it took a more Artistic and Cultural path. Controlling more commercial spaces.

Oleksander Goncharov during his painting

Finally, something you want to share, send a message, or make a complaint?

Jose:A big thank you to all the participants in the project, Artists, collaborators, media, sponsor of the website.

In the end it has been a team effort, and I solved the flame of this "Artistic Fire" that I believe has helped launch other projects and has helped participating artists to get closer to the population.

Art that brings life to the street

You can find more about the project here

Art on Santa Maris street, opinion of gallerists. RTP Madeira "Casa das Artes"


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