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Artistic soul, adventurous spirit and beautiful face - Anna Fedorova

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

One of our artists in the art residence is Anna, born in Moscow, lives in Lisbon and presents part of her art in our gallery, as she would say on the Island of Eternal Spring.

We asked her a few questions, so we can better present her and her work.

PHOTO BY © Olga Moreira

I was born in Moscow. I graduated from a theater school, which was later followed by a long way of self-search. I’ve switched 4 universities before I found my avocation. On my 4th year of studying graphic design I decided to go to Lisbon.

PHOTO BY © Olga Moreira

I’ve been painting since I was little, but I never viewed it as anything serious and never really trained it. Over time, fate and favorable luck have brought me to painting. I’ve always felt that somewhere up there I’m dearly loved and cared for. I don’t have much of a talent, I’m still very unsatisfied with myself and my technique. Being hardworking, using imagination and loving what I do - those are the things I don’t lack. I’m only at the beginning of my path, and I plan to grow and develop further.

I work in two techniques: minimalism and graphics. Poetry, music and museums are my sources of inspiration. Sometimes when I hear the lyrics of a song, I start seeing images flashing before my eyes, so I collect them together, to be able to accurately convey my emotions about particular words or phrases. They reflect in myself. But I’d like to point out that they do not necessarily correspond with my current condition. I mean, when I feel happy I still can listen to a song with exquisite but sad lyrics, and the pictures start drawing themselves in my imagination. It also happens sometimes, when I’m hanging out with friends, someone might just drop a phrase very casually, and I just get carried away with my imagination at once. I always take notes of all phrases which resonate with me.

I didn’t have any teachers of art. In graphics I’m inspired by Dürer, in minimalism - by Edward Hopper.

I chose Lisbon not by accident. Or I’d rather say, Lisbon chose me. I had a plan of flying to Berlin, but an occasional message from my friend about wonderful Portugal, which I’ve never been to, it’s ocean and amazing people altered my plans. I still don’t quite understand how exactly that happened. But that worked out very well.

I only know about art on Madeira from the photographs, as I’ve never really visited Madeira and the gallery. I’m really looking forward to it, but never had time to do so in till now. Not all of the artist exhibited at the Art Center Caravel resonate with me, however there are some, whose artworks hit right into me. I won’t name them, as all artworks are beautiful in their ways, as well as all artists have their talents. As for myself, I don’t even quite remember how I’ve become an art resident at the gallery, my memory fails me badly. I know that I received a message from the art-director Svetlana Azernikova, and this cooperation with your gallery seemed very interesting to me at once. After all, who could possible resist having his artworks presented on the Island of Eternal Spring? I believe, one can offer all of his artworks just for the beauty of this name. I’m always open and ready for any adventure.

As for my free time, I spend it drawing something for myself, walking, reading in parks, going to the ocean, or to bars with my friends, where we drink wine and talk endlessly, read poetry to each other, we used to dance together too, now we only dance on each other’s kitchens. New people and new impressions are what I fill my free time with.

In future I plan to stay healthy and keep on drawing. Keep on having opportunities to make money with my drawings and my projects. I want to organize my personal exhibition, I already have it thought out, but still in search for someone who can undertake this project and undertake me. I want to cooperate with some winery and create a label for wine bottles. Regarding my non-art plans, I want a Porsche and travel on it along the South Coasts of France and Italy.

PHOTO BY © Olga Moreira

Veronika Zhezhovska Alecia Guseva 25.11.2020


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