Asking the big questions through his art - Samuel Santos

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Born in 1991 in Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, Samuel has been exploring himself and the world in an endless search for explanations. The taste for drawing was a legacy left by his father, and which, over time, became a passion for painting in general. He is also interested in philosophy, emotional intelligence and human behavior. Samuel, since childhood, has been aware of the need in himself to ask the great questions concerning human loneliness and isolation. Today, as an adult, he recognizes logical and rational reasons, but depends on asking the big questions through his art. Samuel had several normal jobs and while he embarks into adulthood he still wears his hood of melancholy and loneliness.

After Vermeer, Oil on canvas board, Framed

Samuel: So, I started as a child, drawing and painting several things that interested me at the time, like still life, portraits I started to draw from a young age, mainly portraits, still life, landscapes, things like that... then later, around the age of 15, I discovered painting, I discovered Salvador Dalí, Surrealism, which interested me a lot, and I started to paint from there.

Samuel: In the beginning, I was very interested in Surrealism, but recently, I have been working more on ... more in the style of Realism, I am more interested in Realism now than I was in Surrealism before… I don't know ... maybe because of my age. I am more interested in what is real than what is imaginary.

Samuel: Artists that inspire me are obviously [Diego] Velázquez, the great classics above all: 17th century, Rembrandt, [Johannes] Vermeer, all these ... also the 19th century too, because I think it was the best time, in terms of painting. Impressionist artists also interest me a lot like [Antonio] Mancini, [Joaquin] Sorolla ... all of them.

Samuel: I spend my whole day painting, it's the only thing I do, that I like to do. In my spare time I am studying art, and that's basically it.

After Velazquez, Oil on canvas board, Framed

Samuel: I lived in a small village, in the North of Portugal, and there wasn't much going on in terms of art and such ... When I came here.. it was good, it was great, it was different, there were more things to do, more people interested in my work .. it was great.

Samuel: I don't know ... the initial plan: I came here with my girlfriend, to live here for 3 years, this was the initial plan. Umm, we are already in the second year, in the second year here, so there is a year left ... I don't know, what are the plans..I have some projects in mind to present to the Town Hall and such ... let’s see what comes up..

After Dosso Dossi, Oil on canvas board, Framed

He has participated in several painting exhibitions, copmetitions, book illustration and projects for the rehabilitation of urban spaces (street art). He hopes that one day he will emerge as an important artist, in a country where the culture is no longer diminished, and until then, he continues to look for the way.

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