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Attention Young Artists of Madeira: Join Islands .2024-Ocean Exhibition!

Hey there, creative minds of Madeira! Are you ready to make waves in the art world? We're thrilled to announce a special call for artists from Madeira Island and beyond to be part of the Islands .2024-Ocean exhibition.

This year, we're putting the spotlight on our talented young artists from Madeira - school students and art course students, this is your chance to shine!

Whether you're into drawing, sculpture, installations, or any other form of artistic expression, we want to see your unique take on the ocean theme. Let your imagination run wild and infuse the island's art scene with your ideas and thoughts about the majestic ocean.

And we are happy that our exhibition and the Madeira Whale Fest (news are coming soon) have become part of the international project "Service Lerning", the main motto of which is 'Learning by Doing.'

As we celebrate our 24th year, we're focusing on the vast ocean, inspired by Madeira's designation as a Whale Heritage Area. We believe in the power of art to heal, inspire, and tell stories, just like the ever-changing tides of the ocean and its enchanted marine life.

Our art project is proudly part of the Madeira Whale Fest, organized by the passionate Whale Heritage Area Madeira steering group.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Complete the registration form to share your portfolio, Instagram, and artistic methods.

  • Tell us your ocean-themed art ideas!

  • If approved, we'll be in touch by August 5, 2024.

  • Submit five pieces of your work in A4 or A3 size to help us prepare for the exhibition.

  • We'd appreciate your help with speaking to journalists and promoting the exhibition.

  • Live works should be provided no later than mid-September.

Got questions? Reach out to us at

A big shoutout to our supporters:

Let's make this exhibition a celebration of art, creativity, and the beauty of the ocean! 🎨🌊


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