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Discover Funchal in a few minutes and feel like a local! Easier with our new project "My Soft City".

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Can you imagine a world were you feel relaxed and connected to all the things around you?

To walk the Earth deeply knowing that you belong here. You move between cities, countries, continents and islands. Arriving for the first time in Madeira, discovering Funchal ...

You don't know anything or anyone ... feeling stress?

Stress can be part of the past with the new ideas about “soft city”. Soft city is the place where you feel more connected to the people, environment and nature around you. In a soft city, you can walk or bike, the grocery shop is just few minutes away. There are bicycle roads, and walking paths. You can calmly enjoy the sun in the park.

"My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur"

The project has started ! We all gathered in Lund, Sweden for our first partner meeting to brainstorm and plan the project agenda during two wonderful rainy days.

We got to know each other as well as the project. Soft City is a unique and innovative project. It focuses on local and European level with the youth to reflect on the relationship between places and people. The intellectual outputs will consist of a map, but a “soft” map, with tricks and tips from the local people's perspective.

Next step: in Nîmes, France

Partnership: Art center Caravel ARTE.M cultural association on Madeira island House of Education and Innovation - HEI Colegiul National de Arte "Regina Maria", Constanta Lycée de la CCI Maison de l'Europe Nîmes - Europe Direct Occitanie Bas Rhône - Cévennes

If you are young (in age or in spirit), active, creative and you are really in love with our Funchal and Madeira Island, join us ... there is a lot of interesting work ahead ... we are waiting for you !!!


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