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Empowering Women: A Journey Through Erasmus Plus Adult Education Project

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Erasmus Plus, a European Union program, has been a beacon of hope for adult education, fostering international collaboration and personal growth among individuals. In a small town in Poland, a group of women embarked on a transformative journey through the Erasmus Plus project "Seniors in Fight," co-funded by Erasmus Plus program of the European Union, and organized by the sending organization Fundacja "Bez Różnicy." This project was aimed at enhancing their lives and expanding their horizons. This blog post delves into the heartwarming story of these Polish ladies and the activities that brought positive change to their lives, including yoga, makeup sessions, dream cart creation, and art therapy classes.

Yoga: Finding Inner Peace with Karolina and Eve For many of our ladies, yoga was a new and refreshing experience. The soothing practices of yoga, led by two Polish-speaking teachers, Karolina and Eve, opened the door to a world of relaxation and self-discovery. Just as artists with the same colors can create different paintings, our two yoga experts crafted two unique yoga classes related to women's health, breathing, hormones, and age-related issues. And both of these classes were hugely successful.

Karolina's yoga sessions focused on harmonizing the mind and body, guiding the ladies through gentle stretches and deep breaths that allowed them to find an oasis of tranquility amidst their busy lives. The practice not only improved their physical health but also helped them manage stress and anxiety, providing them with the tools to maintain a harmonious balance between body and mind. Eve's yoga classes, on the other hand, delved into the intricacies of women's health, addressing breathing techniques and exercises to support hormonal balance and tackle age-related challenges. Her classes offered a unique perspective on well-being, and the ladies found her teachings incredibly valuable. Both Karolina and Eve played a crucial role in making yoga a transformative experience for the ladies, helping them embrace inner peace while simultaneously focusing on specific aspects of women's health. It was a testament to the power of variety and expertise, making yoga a central pillar of their personal growth during the "Seniors in Fight" Erasmus Plus project.

Makeup Sessions: Glam Squad Assemble!

Makeup sessions were more than just a beauty makeover; they were a confidence boost for these women. We decided to create these workshops because beauty and taking care of your skin and face are essential for women of all ages. Our super interactive makeup artists, led by Małgorzata Jakubowska, who in real life works with cinema stars, prepared something specific for our ladies. She was determined to show that all ladies, regardless of their age, can be stars in their own right.

Małgorzata's makeup sessions were a blend of artistry and inspiration, where she revealed the industry's best-kept secrets and brought Hollywood glamour to us. These sessions weren't just about applying makeup; they were a journey of self-discovery. With brushes and palettes in hand, the ladies learned that makeup is not just a tool for looking beautiful; it's a means to express their unique personalities and boost their self-esteem.

The makeup sessions became a transformational experience for our ladies, giving them a newfound confidence and an understanding that beauty comes in all forms and ages. They walked away from the sessions not only looking fabulous but feeling like the stars they truly are.Małgorzata's expertise and passion for her craft left a lasting impression, proving that every woman, no matter her age, can shine like a movie star.

Dream Cart Creating: Pursuing Passions and the Art of Dream Sculpting

Creating a dream cart was an activity that allowed these women to dream big and set goals for their future. It was a reminder that you should never stop dreaming, no matter your age, because dreams bring you energy and peace. With this philosophy in mind, we decided to add a dream sculpting workshop, led by Aga Makowska, a life coach and a true dream maker.

Each lady was encouraged to envision her dreams and aspirations and then assemble them into a tangible representation. The dream carts became more than just colorful collections of ideas; they were filled with inspiration, hopes, and ambitions. As the ladies put together their dream carts, it was a joyful and creative process, reminding them that the pursuit of dreams is a lifelong journey.

Aga's expertise in dream sculpting brought a new level of depth to the activity. With her guidance, the ladies learned not only to dream but also to shape their dreams into achievable goals. They left the workshop with a physical manifestation of their aspirations, a visual reminder that they could take control of their destinies and never stop pursuing their passions.

The dream carts were not just about dreaming; they were about turning dreams into reality. This project served as a testament to the power of aspiration and the importance of nurturing dreams at any age. It was a message to these ladies: keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep pursuing your passions.

Art Therapy Classes: Picasso in Pajamas and Musical Masterpieces

Art therapy classes were a riot, with ladies channeling their inner Picassos and musical maestros. The artistic expression here was a double feature of fun! The ladies, guided by the Italian singer and painter, Bri, embarked on a journey to discover their inner creative geniuses in both music and painting.

Under Bri's guidance, they dove into the world of music, experimenting with notes and rhythms, and perhaps some dance moves that might never make it to a stage. It was a natural, non-judgmental process as they painted while they listened to the music, allowing the melodies to guide their brushstrokes and paint splatters. The result? A harmonious chaos of colors and shapes on their canvases that told the story of their musical journeys.

Their laughter filled the room as they discovered their ability to interpret music through art, proving that artistic genius doesn't require a perfect pitch or a steady hand. These ladies were not just artistic masterminds; they were now the conductors of their creative orchestras, painting symphonies in pajamas.

Erasmus Plus had truly unleashed their inner divas, proving that art and music are not bound by judgment but are a joyous expression of the soul. These Polish ladies had learned to embrace their creativity with open hearts and open ears, making their artistic endeavors all the more fabulous and fun.

Capturing the Past: Exploring Madeira's Photography Museum

Ugh, tough schedule, but our guests also found time to visit one of the most interesting museums in Portugal, which happened to be in Madeira. The Museu de Fotografia da Madeira - Atelier Vicente's is a true paradise for photography and history lovers. Here, you can feel the spirit of a hundred years old through old pictures, and immerse yourself in the interest of one of the largest old Portuguese photo studios. This museum is a gem for those who appreciate the art of photography and the rich history of Madeira. Wandering through its halls, you'll discover a captivating journey through time, as the museum houses a fascinating collection of photographs that capture the essence of the island's past. It's a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of photography and get a glimpse into the lives of the people who called Madeira home. For our guests, this visit was a chance to not only enjoy the beauty and activities of Madeira but also to enrich their understanding of its history and culture. It's a reminder that even amidst a busy schedule, there's always time to connect with the past and learn from the stories told by photographs.

Conclusion: Erasmus Plus took these Polish ladies on a whirlwind journey from yoga-induced giggles to runway-worthy makeup, from unicorn dreams to artistic revelations. The result? A group of women who are now the life of every party and are proudly embracing their inner divas. This Erasmus Plus project proved that adult education doesn't have to be boring – it can be a hilariously fabulous adventure. These ladies have discovered that laughter is the best accessory, and they're wearing it with style. Erasmus Plus, thank you for turning these ladies into world-class comedians and, of course, a little bit wiser!

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