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Erasmus+ Training Course: Combating Extremism with Youth Force. August 2021, Turkey

Our volunteers, together with volunteers from 10 other countries, were part of an Erasmus+ training course in Turkey named “Combating Extremism with Youth Force”.

The Learning Association trained to prevent violent extremism and radicalization of young people.

As always, the European Union is putting attention and finding resolutions for the present issues in EU, as well as other countries. Considering the latest terrorism situations in Europe and Turkey, this time it was extremely important to put the attention on the violent extremism and radicalization. All the youth participants were trained to deeply understand such problems. The main aim of the project was to emphasize the role of education, social inclusion, freedom, dignity and human rights when combating extremism, as well as the power of youth workers in response. All the participants will bring the knowledge to their home countries, with the idea to spread the word to others. This is the way to teach a young community for the fundamental values, such as respect and non-discrimination, which in return will decrease the number of young people at risk from radicalization. We can together make the World better place to live, and where to start if not with young people.

About the project:

“Combating Extremism with Youth Force” is an Erasmus+ Training Course that organised by the Learning Association (TR: Öğrenme Derneği) and funded by the Turkish National Agency with the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It contained 37 youth workers from Turkey, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, N. Macedonia, Romania, Poland and Greece and took please in Istanbul, Turkey on 24-31 July 2021.

The project where the Learning Association was hosting and coordinating organisation had partners as below: Paragraf International (France), Asociación “Eo, Eo” (Spain), Associazione Culturale Beyond Borders Corato (Italy), Together Macedonia (N. Macedonia), Kobiety.Lodz.Pl (Poland), ARTE M Associacao Cultural e Artistica Na Madeira (Portugal), Rise and Shine Youth Association (Romania), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), and Sosyal Sorumlulukta Kalite Dernegi (Turkey).

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