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Exhibition "Ilhas 2020-Isolation"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Art made on Madeira island during the forced self isolation

Our amazing Artist´s team

My name is Marcela Lirio Campo. I am a visual artist and art educator from Porto Alegre - Brazil, where I graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. I also studied art and heritage in Portugal and France and am currently taking a masters degree in Educational Administration at the University of Madeira. My work is inspired by the experiences and cultures of the places I have visited in my travels.

Of the many things I've done, I've worked with drawing and paper maché for a long time.

Creating with paper enchants me and allows me to move between two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes, between art and crafts, rediscovering my culture and giving space to the new.

I currently live in Madeira Island but in the future who knows?

I am Nina, daughter of the small and paradisiac Island of Madeira.

Always knew that what made me happy and fulfilled was the world of arts.

Therefore in high school i entered in Visual Arts,and even thought i didn’t continue my studies in this area I never stopped creating art. During the pandemic (COVID-19), the quarantine shutted down my ego and forced me to spill out all my confusion, desire, abomination, passion and loneliness in canvanses, clay and paints.

My works are the manifestion of all the deformed characters that live in me.

I wish to all the spectators to be able to find in my work the true shape of their egos.

I am 23 years old photographer, born in Venezuela and living in Portugal since 2014. Student of Photography at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar.

I grow up on Venezuela, coming from a big family not rich, but also no poor. Raise by mother and grandparents, always keep in touch with the streets and all the environment of the hood. Lately this life will influence my style of Photography.

As and addict to movies, watching great films like Schindler´s List, Shaft, The Godfather, Annie Hall and many more, I get excited of learning the world of cinema, so this take me to learn about photography. There I fall in love with the 35mm old camera´s and the results of themselves.

All of this, the influence of the hip/hop, the hood life, and photographer´s such as Gordon Parks (my favorite) I decide to start studying photography after high school.

There, in Thomar, I define my style of photography and lifestyle. I decided to show the world how the human is, showing problems and good stuff about it. As Gordon Parks, defend the principles of society and criticize it when I should

Margarida Selvagem (Margarida Brazão) was born in Madeira Island, Portugal. With a subtropical climate and warm colors all around, Margarida grew in an exotic place that would later influence her aesthetics.

After finishing her degree in Psychology, she also studied hypnotherapy, which ended up being an abundant fountain of inspiration for her work. In 2019, she started working as a freelance artist and took off to Barcelona to study Art Therapy. Since then, she has exhibited her work in Portugal and Spain.

In Margarida’s work, psychology and art blend together, with a mystic atmosphere and a geometric touch.

She works on themes like self acceptance, freedom of being and an appreciation for diversity, whether it be in beauty or in perspective. Her paintings in mixed media are evidence of her passion for vibrant colors, earth tones and the female figure.

Paulo Silva

Born in Jersey Island, 1999, I then moved to Madeira Island, at the age of 11.

I loved drawing and illustrating from an early age. I started out with comic books and cartoons as inspiration and soon moved on to observational drawing in High School - where I studied Arts, for three years, and then graduated in Design, at the University of Madeira.

Nowadays, I primarily draw animals, nature and portraits, but I also enjoy illustrating and painting landscapes with dry or oil pastels and even digital art, like photo compositions.

Marta Horodniczy, Poland

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In 2008, completed a degree in: Textiles and Clothing in the field of design. In 2012 completed a postgraduate course in Computer Graphics at the Technical University of Lodz. In 2017 completed a postgraduate course in Illustration and Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz She has experience in design patterns since 2009

She paints and creates posters and patterns. It uses a watercolour technique, drawing and also a collage. In his work, he expresses his fascination with man and nature. He writes about the creative process: "It is the most interesting moment when in itself, with the connection of life every day, it gives work an individual character, where you never know what the end result will be."

Pedro Garcia

Being cosmic with an insane quest for the fusion between spirituality and reality. In this reality, he decided to have an artistic training from the beginning until completing with a higher education in architecture. During the stay of this last formation, he started to realize a concept, the “limit and utopias of things”. A cult to LIMIT with all its genesis, summed up with the exploration of artistic and architectural concepts, with the purpose of physical and metaphysical representation of this limit.

Olga Drak

Born in Poland.

Studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

2001 master degree in Art Education.

2002 master degree in Painting.

2005 moved to Madeira Island, Portugal.

Lives and works on Madeira until today.

2012 got involved in street art and so far has created over 30 murals in public space, all around the island.

As well, creates abstract paintings on canvas.

Took part in various collective and solo exhibitions.

Her works are exposed in many private collections around Europe

Heidrun Edsperger

Born in 1965 in the village of Pfinzweiler (now Straubenhardt) in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Heidrun upon moving to Lower Saxony in 2009 decided to devote her life to painting. Heidrun is completely self-taught. From 2009 until 2018 she devoted her time to her studio and to perfecting her talents experimenting and producing 3 dimensional abstraction.

In 2018 Heidrun and her husband moved to live permanently in Madeira, inspired by the unique landscape, its oceanic setting, and the explosive colours of the fauna and flora.

To date this artist has already been represented at several exhibitions and international art fairs including Baden-Baden, Mannheim, Island Sylt, and has received several art awards.

Heidrun is an experimental artist using a spatula technique to create 3D abstracts. Using highly intense colours, and each finished work carefully balanced between emotional display and technical rationality, they work as art pieces in their own right, but when viewed through a pair of 3D spectacles they are transformed into a magical world of depth and movement. Each produces its own unique resonance, and is deliberately bereft of title because Heidrun wishes to allow each viewer the total freedom to explore the experience unfettered by artistic direction.

Sara Santos plastic artist, was born in São Paulo, Brazil on February 23, 1976

but since she was young she lives in Funchal.

He is self-taught in painting, having been touched in the most diverse creative experiences when he awakened consciousness towards his senses.

Since 2000 he has participated in several individual and group exhibitions.

Freta NGO

My name is Fredrik Robens, I am a 21 year old artist residing on Madeira island attending the Universidade da Madeira, Visual Arts.

I was born 1999 in Dortmund (Germany). I started painting when I was around 3 Years old facing racism in Germany as a half-cast. I’m the son of a German father and an Angolan mother. My predetermined identity crisis made me painting psychoanalytical faces, choosing monsters and „ugly faces“ as sujets of my visual language, at the time when I still wasn’t able to express properly due to traumatizing experiences that made me stuttering and decelerating the process of learning how to speak.

I studied for 1 year African-Studies in Leipzig (Germany) to raise awareness of my identity and to understand my position in society.

I was inspired by artists that have the same passion of depicting cruelty of life and suffering of people, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, Otto Dix, Van Gogh, Picasso, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Käthe Kollwitz and Arno Rink.

My work can be found in Amymon Gallery (Bratislava), I participated at the Luso-Angolan Market in Cascais and at the Akassa Festival in Vienna, and I have an upcoming Exhibition in Tabor (Czech Republic).


Pedro was born 07-06-1989 in Funchal, but has lived over 15 years in England between London and Manchester. He returned to the bosom of Madeira in 2017 with his Brazilian wife and young child to establish a family–run specialist chocolate atelier. However, his return to Madeira has instead rekindled his interest in Sunday painting. Completely self taught, Pedro began his artistic output on the streets of Manchester by necessity. After much experimentation he now produces highly colourful contemporary abstracts using pour-method acrylic.

“I began painting as a form of healing and ultimately as a way of allowing a more genuine form of self-expression to occur. It is safe to say that art has been a companion throughout my spiritual journey. My aim with every piece is to allow the image to flow from me, creating a harmonious outcome.” – Pedro Alves.

He has recently moved away from using canvas as the base of his work, and instead relies on the smoother surface of hardboard, often of unusual dimensions, to allow his brushless manipulation of merging colours to produce an emotional, almost surrealist, universe of emerging forms that stimulate and provoke the viewer´s subconscious.

Marcos Milewski. Argentina. Portugal

Marcos Milewski is a painter of Polish origin and Argentinian-French nationality. He was born in Cordoba, Argentina. Nowadays, he lives and works in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.

Defining Milewski’s painting according fashionable artistic tendencies would be simplistic, because his inspiration sources come from several cultures and influences: from early Renaissance Flemish painters (Jan Van Eyck, Petrus Christus, Patinir) to great XVIIth century artists as Velásquez and Vermeer, till XXth century creators as Magritte, Escher, Hopper, Balthus , Antonio López García., Richter, Mueck, etc.


Born in 1991 in Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, Samuel has been exploring himself and the world in an endless search for explanations. The taste for drawing was an inheritance left him by his father, and that, over time, became a passion for painting in general. He also began an interest in philosophy, emotional intelligence, and human behaviour. Samuel, since childhood, has been aware of the need within himself to ask the big questions pertaining to human loneliness and isolation. Today as an adult he acknowledges the logical and rational reasons but continues to ask the questions through his art. Samuel has held several “normal” jobs and whilst embracing adulthood still wears his hood of melancholia and loneliness.

Within his artistic influences his matrices will always be Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Frida Kahlo, Hieronymus Bosch, Max Ernst, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, Charles Bukowski and Pink Floyd, But in an age of mass information and multiplicity of contents, he wishes to make a stand for traditional mediums and workmanship.

He has participated in several exhibitions of painting, competitions, illustration of books and rehabilitation projects of urban spaces (Streetart).

He hopes one day he will emerge an artist of importance, in a country where culture is no longer diminished, and until then, he continues to search a way.


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