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„ Fractal Trees“ by Silvestre Pestana -Blue Light exhibition

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We thought it was not possible to make the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias even more beautiful, but the staging of Silvestre Pestana's fantastic Blue Light exhibition proved us wrong! These have been days of hard work by Artworks' tireless team, , an exhibition not to be missed! -The team guilty for this exhibition.

There is a message of hope that comes to us through Silvestre Pestana, an artist who returns to his native island with the exhibition «Blue Light», presented at the Teatro Baltazar Dias. It tells us that "the truth of life with others and the way in which others is greater than ideologies, because we speak of humanism". That is why it is so important to go and see his «Fractal Trees», as an exhibition by Silvestre Pestana is like democracy: we cannot live it at a distance; only when we embrace it with the senses can we say that we experience it. Only in this way can we show the light of the future», as Natália Correia left in the Azores anthem. -Marco Miranda in Jornal da Madeira.

An exhibition that in the words of the Mayor of Funchal "would be in no way in debt if it were in New York, Paris, or London, but for us it is in the best city in the world, is in Funchal". We absolutely agree and invite everyone to visit this beautiful exhibition, which was shown today at the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias where it will remain until February 2021. The entrance is free!

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