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Flower Power all over Madeira - As the Flower Festival comes to an end - THIS HAPPENED!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

As you already know, during the Flower Festival on Madeira you will experience much of what makes up the rich culture here - beautiful flower carpets to admire with plenty of live music and delicious wine. As part of the Flower Festival is also the Madeira Flower Collection, held May 13-14 in the Quinta Magnolia gardens with a focus on promoting the regional fashion sector.

Past weekend fashion enthusiasts witnessed a breathtaking display of creativity and the beauty of nature at the highly anticipated Madeira Flower Collection Show. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Quinta Magnolia's garden, the show featured the mesmerizing creations of talented Madeira-based fashion designers, all inspired by the island's exquisite flora, especially the vibrant variety of flowers. Models strutted amidst a natural landscape lapped by gentle breezes, transporting viewers to a world where fashion and nature blended harmoniously.

The runway show exuded an air of enchantment as models gracefully glided down the catwalk adorned with fashion pieces that paid homage to Madeira's diverse and colorful flora. Each design reflected the essence and vibrancy of the island's rich botanical heritage.

The event brought together prominent fashion designers from Madeira, each of whom left an indelible impression with their unique creations.

We saw the show on Saturday when renowned names such as Nathan Slate and David Rosas showcased their exceptional talent, presenting stunning pieces that combined high fashion with the ethereal beauty of Madeira's floral inspiration.

Since we here at Art Center Caravel and ARThub Madeira constantly collaborate with Nathan Slate and have the honor to have few ceramic pieces by him on exhibit, “objectively” kept focused on his designs from Saturday’s show

Nathan Slate, Flower Show


He is different yet special because of his deep affinity for the natural world as for him nature represents an opportunity for both mediation and inspiration from which he draws on to create works that reflect its beauty. Including elements from the island such as leaves and flowers, and now the eucalyptus as the main inspiration in his latest collection and the incorporation of nature-based components in his pieces enables him to focus more intently on honing and perfecting his craft instead of solely relying on mass-produced products.

His adherence to the principles of slow fashion and independent art results in each piece being distinct from others ensuring its uniqueness.

Not to forget and to mention all the other designers from Saturday’s show which had their pieces shown, starting from Bernardo Sousa, Cristina Batista, Malonas, Maria Clara Leca, Koia, D/Backyard and Henrique Teixeira.

Beyond style, the Madeira Flower Collection runway show was e a captivating artistic experience. The designers skillfully played with texture, color and shape, telling a story that showed the versatility and artistic expression of fashion. Each design was a masterpiece that captured the imagination and left a lasting impression on fashion fans.

The Madeira Flower Collection was a testament to the creative process of Madeira's fashion designers and the natural beauty that surrounds them. With its seamless fusion of fashion and the island's flora, the event showcased the limitless potential for botanically inspired fashion.

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