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Incredible lady with a sharp look and a specific style - Nina

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

One of the artists whose works you can find in our gallery is this charming lady. ''Always knew that what made me happy and fulfilled was the world of arts. Therefore in high school i entered in visual arts, and even though i didn't continue my studies in this area i never stoped creating art. During the pandemic, the quarantine shuttled down my ego and forced me to spill out all my confusion, desire, abomination, passion and loneliness in canvases, clay and paints. My work are manifestation of all the deformed characters that live in me. I wish to all the spectators to be able to find in my work the true shape of their egos.'' -Nina

Nina´s safe place, the part in her room where she paints surrounded by her plants

I draw and paint since I was a child. Picking up a pencil, brushes and paints has always made time cease, and that is why I have always pursued that feeling until today. My work is characterized by deformation, contrast of colors and spirituality. The nature and energies that surround me are my inspiration. The motivation comes from the contact (or the absence) of works by other artists.

I like to spend my time searching for photography, art and fashion. Watching movies, documentaries and listening to music are my most common options. But having long conversations with friends and reading a good book is my ideal for a day well spent.

We asked her what her opinion was about the open door art project and would she help to renew this project? I would love to help/participate in the renovation of a project so special and important as the Arte das Portas Abertas. The project inspires diversified artists and gives life to the streets of the city, inviting people to stroll through them. It is increasingly important to integrate art in society and this project is the cherry on top of the cake.

I'm always interested who or what is the driving force of our artist..

Gustav Klimt with his vibrant colors and patterns. Polly Nor with her simple line and very characteristic metaphorical characters. And Freta NGO with his round and strong line from warm origins. These are the artists that most influenced my work and that remain a source of inspiration.

Whatever you do, do it with passion. -Nina's life moto.

Veronika Zhezhovska 17.11.2020


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