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Interview with Elisabeth Den – Ukrainian volunteer and lover of art in every single form

Elisabeth is our Ukrainian art volunteer, lover of nature and beauty, and art in every single form. Three months ago, she moved to Funchal as part of an Erasmus project. We asked her few questions about her life on Madeira Island and her advice about future volunteers or visitors on the island.

You’ve been on Madeira for almost 3 months now, what was your first impression about the island, and did it change until now?

It seemed to me that this is a piece of heaven on Earth. And I enjoy every day here. I encountered a new culture. I was surprised by the regularity of life - here no one is in a hurry, people are living the moment. Also incredible nature, roads and hills. Local people are very open to tourists and greet in the middle of the street. I feel at home here, I know where to go, what to say... such a lovely place.

Can you share with us a little about your background in art?

Art in my life was from the first days. My family has always visited exhibitions, museums. From this, my love towards art was formed. I studied in art studios, and then graduated with honors from art school. So, I continued to draw and study online and now I discovered digital graphics.

Since you studied art, do you feel like you are enriching your knowledge for art by being part of this volunteering project?

I have an incredible experience working in this gallery. I can participate in the practical preparation of all projects, exhibitions, coordinate the process. Аnd what’s important - to feel support in this work.

Do you have a favourite thing or hobby that you like to do on Madeira?

I love breakfast in small restaurants. I love dolphin tours. I like to walk near the ocean and ride a scooter around the island. Oh yeah! The scooter trip is definitely my favorite!

Do you have anything that you want to do od Madeira, but still didn’t have time/possibility to do?

My plans include diving, surfing and paragliding. This is something that I have not done yet. I like to combine extreme and beauty of nature. I would also like to visit Lisbon.

Any advice for future volunteers on Madeira Island?

Enjoy every moment here! Taste food, meet people and don't be afraid. Be open to implement all your craziest ideas. This project should become a challenge for you, which will reveal you from a new side.

Marija Trifunovska



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