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Introducing Project "REcolour": A SUSTAINABLE Fashion Journey

We're excited to join forces with colleagues from Germany and Latvia on the "REcolor" project, a 1.5-year journey fueled by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. Our shared love of sustainable fashion will bring us all together.

In the era of fast fashion, we're taking a stand with REcolour—an anti-fashion project aiming to redefine style, promote sustainability, and empower the youth of our three nations.

What's in Store: 👗 Independence in Clothes: Through online lectures, interactive training and creation we'll explore the concept of personal style, encouraging everyone to embrace their uniqueness.

🌐 Anti-Bullying Training: Our project is not just about fashion; it's about fostering a supportive and inclusive community. We'll address bullying issues and promote a culture of kindness.

♻️ From Saroy to Style: Say goodbye to waste! We'll breathe new life into old saris, creating fabulous, sustainable garments. Let's redefine fashion with a touch of creativity.

📸 Fashion Photography: Learn the art of capturing fashion with a purpose. Our training sessions will delve into fashion photography, telling stories that matter.

📝 Anti-Fashion Blog: As part of Recolour, we're launching an international anti-fashion blog—your go-to space for sustainable style tips, behind-the-scenes stories, and the latest updates from our project.

👠 Anti-Fashion Show on Madeira: Get ready for a groundbreaking event! We'll host an Anti-Fashion Show on the enchanting island of Madeira, bringing together the creative flair of three nations.

👫 Calling Young and Motivated Individuals! We're on the lookout for young, motivated souls to join us in preparing the Fashion Show and Anti-Fashion Blog. If you're passionate about sustainability and fashion, we want to invite you to our team!

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