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Madeira inspires, Madeira enchants, Madeira welcomes all the artists around the world

Updated: Mar 7

Discover the exclusive art residence on Madeira Island with MADinspired *. Be part of a diverse community of painters, sculptors, dancers, and musicians to collaborate and create in Madeira. Get a chance to be a part of the international artistic residency and get inspired by the diverse nature of European Hawaii.

Let's start with a catchy phrase: "Earth without Art would be just 'Eh'."But, sometimes even Earth is art itself. Although there's no heaven on Earth, there are places that feel like a piece of heaven, and one such place is Madeira, an island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira is known as the "island of eternal spring," and some even describe it as an actual heaven on Earth. Madeira is art itself in terms of nature and feelings.

This heaven where “the ocean meets the sky” and where “nature’s beauty sets us free” lets you get lost in its diverse nature and suddenly makes you feel so small compared to the ocean’s greatness. You get the feeling that the infinite blue just washes all the worries away.

The island's stunning beauty has inspired many artists, including Winston Churchill, who as an amateur painter enjoyed painting during his visits to Madeira.

Every place on the island will make you fall in love with the world all over again. Here, every sunset feels like a masterpiece painted just for you, and you can easily feel like you are exactly where you belong. Home. Ocean, mountains, waterfalls, levada walks, untouched nature, millions of flowers, different fruits. It has it all.What makes this island special is its openness.

As soon as you arrive at the airport, you see the sign that Madeira belongs to everyone, and everyone belongs to Madeira. And this cannot be more true. The island welcomes everyone with open arms, and it's as warm as a mother's embrace. A definition of home.

So, its charm lies not only in its breathtaking views but also in how it captures your soul.

But enough about Madeira.

If you're an artist and you are feeling stuck in your comfort zone and need a spark of inspiration to be more productive, keep reading down.

Madeira being as diverse as the artists that visit it, invites artists from all backgrounds. Regardless of your art form, the island encourages you to bring your unique art and join a international community of artists working together.

MADinspired offers an exclusive opportunity to be an art resident in Madeira and create in an environment that will inspire you to be a better artist and the best version of yourself.

Let Madeira be your muse, and allow your creativity to flow. Create, collaborate, exchange ideas, and let the island be the backdrop for your creativity. Then, get the chance to show your talent and artwork in an intercultural community.

Become an art resident in Madeira, where creativity finds its home! If you join this artistic residency on the island of Madeira, you can meet artists of all kinds, get (MAD)inspired, and create art amidst nature's wonders.

Whether you paint, dance, make sculptures, or music, let Madeira inspire you. Madeirais the place to be.

Join us.

What we offer:

- Art supplies and materials for your artwork

- Creative space to meet and discuss ideas with other creative people

- Final exhibition and promotion of your art in the local community


Apply directly through email and don’t forget to attach your portfolio

*PS: Our residency was created as part of an experimental virtual and real art residency ART TECHNO LAB held in Madeira in February 2024 and this is a prototype of a real art residence. Our task was to learn how to create various digital products related to art, culture and heritage.


Producers Zhanna Atanesyan from Armenia and Lamiya Mehdiyeva from Estonia

Performance from Boban Ruseski from North Macedonia

Music and lyrics by Daniel Bubin Estonia

Marketing and strategy Sanja Nikolova and Jovan Stalevski from North Macedonia

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