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Mandala Painting – new art workshop at Art Center Caravel with Marta Horodniczy

Recently, our team has been working on providing new and interesting activities for our visitors, and one of them is mandala painting by Marta Horodniczy.

Did you know that mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in some Asian cultures? A mandala is a representation of the universe, sometimes even a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions, including meditation.

Painting your own mandalas can be both - inspirational and therapeutic, therefore it is an increasingly popular art therapy tool. By painting mandalas, one can put the thoughts aside and let creativity flow, be more mindful and focused.

We start our art class with a discussion of the meaning of each color and an explanation on how to mix colors to get a desired shade. Then, we proceed to watercolor painting and enjoying the class.

Upcoming mandala painting class is on 11th of November, and for more information, please contact us on

ARTE.M team

Funchal, November 2022


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