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Meet our friends!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

ARTE.M Cultural and artistic association has new friends, Studio Suvenir. Meet the members! Micky Nooitgedagt Hello! I am Micky, a Dutch girl with a background in theatre and a passion for the moving body and architecture. I came to Madeira to explore a new environment as an inspiration for my art and design. As a 20 year old I take my time to figure out where I will be in the future. For now, I am exploring, learning and very much enjoying. I am eager to learn about the local culture, crafts and materials and excited for what this island can bring for us. But especially for what we can give back, as a collective and as an individual.

Orisun Merhav Hello, my name is Ori Orisun Merhav, an artistic researcher and designer from Israel.In my practice I like to explore and observe different situations with a very ‘hands on’ approach. I like to deal with subjects which are relevant to society, and environmental aspects. Nature is a great source of inspiration for me, therefore I find Madeira a fascinating place for my research, because of its unique landscape and culture. Moreover I would like to observe the island as an eco-system, to use limited local resources and learn from the local crafts.

Ilaria Cavaglia I am Ila, an artist, designer and engineer from Turin, Italy. Drawing inspiration from my rural background, as well as many years of living and travelling abroad, I imagine future scenarios which are playful yet provocative and aim to stimulate a collective questioning of the way we produce and consume food (and other things). Moving forward I want to reconnect with my hands and explore new materials and techniques. I came to Madeira to get inspired by nature, to connect and learn from local craftsmen and to slow down and focus on my art.

Margeaux Abeyta I am Margeaux, a contemporary native American artist. I have a background in traditional woodworking, digital fabrication, sound and technology design. My work explores narrative truths through globalist systems and traditional human values. I am continually exploring the ways in which we reinvent and determine our realities through our own systems of governance and communication. In Madeira I aim to further my craft and explore the social and environmental context. A place that has given me a unique opportunity to push my create ambitions in a more collaborative and intimate way.

Thyr Björnson I am Thur ,Swedish designer with a background in art, but since then I have explored more social matters, been drawn into the digital realm and lost myself in my writing. Nowadays, however, my research tends to investigate the complexities of the everyday, resulting in nuanced works which (usually) has a, somewhat bizarre, humours twist. Critical reflection and collaboration lies at the core of my work as I persistently seek to share interesting and innovative approaches together with others in order to push the work further.

Reaching a better understanding of my surroundings and my own role in different settings is one of my main goals with the stay in Madeira.

Zoë Prifti

My name is Zoë, I am born and raised in London and my greatest passion is for history. I am hungry to learn everything about Madeira’s past and what that means today. I like to paint with bright colours, take photos, make videos and I don’t take things too seriously. I haven’t yet seen what the future holds for me.

Sijmen Vellekoop Hey, my name is Sijmen (Simon). I like eating Jelle’s pasta, he makes great carbonara, although Ila is the Italian one, but she makes great meatballs. Which happens to also be one of my great passions. I am very expressive in my being, therefore, walking around with ribbons on my shoes is a daily activity, which seems to catch a lot of eyes here on this island. I don’t mind. I enjoying being playful and surprising therefore I like playing with the gross and the sensual, like toenails and porn.

Jelle Seegers is a backyard inventor artist that loves to explore the topics that matter most in life in all imaginable and unimaginable scales and multiplicities.

Cycling a passion that keeps returning in my work.I hope to meet many Madeira people while cycling around the island and let it inspire me to make something to give back to the island!

Celine Castagnet

I am a French-Dutch Multidisciplinary Designer born and raised in Hong Kong. I have a deep (com)passion in creating different social experiences and design interventions that centre around my three fascinations of connection, healing and living matter (food, nature, animals etc.) Most of my inspiration comes from nature and I see myself creating different design interventions, spaces and workshops in which people can come together to develop a better relationship with themselves, nature and each other. Focusing on raising our consciousness and mental health/wellbeing. Social experiences and understanding/working with others is what led me to take part in this project, I feel to work collectively we can grow and experience the most. And Madeira is an incredible source of inspiration for these experiences and interventions I am creating.

Katharine Page I am Kate, English by blood and raised in Sweden. I am intrigued by the interactions that occur between people and the materialised world. Through my design I frequently examine and question our behaviour and habits, constantly coming back to the element of mindfulness and awareness in everyday activities. By focusing on a unfamiliar social environment here in Madeira, I hope to gain a new understanding of the types of relationships we form with the environment around us.


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