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New French volunteer in our art community on Madeira

Sonia Pauly from France just recently moved to Madeira and became part of our art volunteer family. We had chanse to ask her few questions about the life here, what she likes and what she misses from home.

Colorful monument in the center of Funchal

You are coming from France, can you please share with us from which city, and is it much different than Madeira?

Hello, I am Sonia and I come from France, more precisely from Metz, a city near the border with Luxembourg. There are big differences between my region and Madeira. The weather is completly different, at home we often have rain, in summer the sun is very strong and in winter it’s snowing a lot. When I got off the plane here I was immediately struck by the heavy and humid climate that I'm not used to. I also noticed that the people here are very polite and helpful, and they seem happy and always in a good mood.

Why have you decided to spend some time in Funchal?

I visited Madeira some time ago with my family. I just fell in love, and I knew I had to come back. I have decided to spend some more time here because the landscape is absolutely beautiful. This island has a permanent holiday vibe. Also people here are very easygoing, which I think is due to the relaxed atmosphere. Another thing I also like about Madeira is that I can see the ocean from any place.

What is the best thing you’ve seen or experienced here so far?

The landscape is wild and atypical, and to me looks like a little piece of paradise. The best thing I have seen is the view of Funchal with its colorful houses mixed with the nature. What also surprised me are the banana plantations that grow all over the island and the roads that pass through many tunnels.

What about the food?

I think the seafood here is delicious, also I love the bolo do caco, BUT I definitely miss my French croissants that are hard to find here.

You are a volunteer, what are your daily tasks?

So far, as a volunteer, I translated the menu of Art Food Corner in French, as we have a lot of French guests. Also, I was able to welcome guests who came to discover the gallery in Art Center Caravel and souvenir shop. In addition, I attended various workshops that took place in the art center on different themes related to creativity.

What is your advice future volunteers on Madeira Island?

I really enjoy my trip in Madeira. I would advise people who want to become volunteers, to go for it and not be afraid at all, because we are very well received.

Marija Trifunovska


Funchal, Madeira Island


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