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Particularly striking doors by Wolfgang Lass

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

One of the most beautiful doors on Santa Maria Street, colorful and powerful is made by Wolfgang Lass. Every time I walk down the street I stop and stare at his doors, and I can say, you never get enough of them. I visited Wolfgang in his gallery while he was painting and he was so kind and friendly, happy to answer my questions.

I asked him when and why he chose Madeira to be his home and a place to present his art? - I came to Madeira 10 Years ago because i got an Invitation from a freind telling me that there is an Art project going on in the Oldtown of Funchal.

The first year I just painted on the street and got so involved in art in Madeira!

Some artists have taken the initiative to open Art Space in Oldtown, next to the Art Center Caravel, which was later found by joining these Artgroups, I was also invited to participate in the door painting project .My first door that I I painted in 2011 is "The Door" no. 116 Rua Santa Maria:

"The Door" no. 116 Rua Santa Maria

Later on i did some more Doors , as you can see some examples here :

Three years ago me and my wife opened our own small Fineart Gallery :

''We are lucky to get this project running with success even in this hard times .Our moto in life is : " Live and let live " , enjoy the time now cause it is the only time you have! You can't change the past and the future you don't know " , in everything you do , put all your LOVE and SOUL, and treat people as you want to be treated !''

I asked him, if one day we succeed to renew the project , would he participate? To go on with the project it just needs some more doors or walls to paint , in this case we keep up with Jose Zyberchema the founder of these project.

Galeria " BELA 30 " Adress: Rua Bela Sao Tiago nr.30 9060-400 Funchal, Portugal Openning hours:

Every day 10h-21h

Don't miss the chance to visit this amazing place!

Instagram : @ wolfinstante @galeriabela30 @ madeiraazulejos

Veronika Zhezhovska 09.11.2020


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