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STREET PEERS in Sardinia

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Hooray, they're back.

Five unique creative and young islanders (from Madeira) brought back the most important things from the youth exchange. STREET PEERS Urban culture as a tool for inclusion and emancipation,project successfully completed in Cagliari, Sardinia. Created by TDM 2000

40 youngsters and group leaders from Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Greece and Croatia. Project created by the Italian association TDM 2000 and cofounded by Erasmus plus programme.

Urban art and culture, street theater, dance. And as a result preparation of

the Youth street Festival.

We can talk a lot about the positive result of youth exchanges under Erasmus Plus program...But it's probably better to ask the participants themselves ...Someone has already been on such projects before, and someone is a beginner...and generally traveled without parents for the first time. Adventure just starting

Veronika it's her first time on the project...and probably a little worried ? No, of course not...

"Sometimes we just need a push, something that makes us feel alive, meeting and dealing with other people, other cultures, learning new languages ​​even if we can only learn a few words. We put ourselves to the test, challenge ourselves, overcome fears and shame, leave our comfort zone and learn to face each obstacle. This project made me feel all of this. It made me grow and evolve and made me understand that we are constantly changing and we can never stop"

Erasmus it's this feeling, a good feeling. We feel capable, sufficient and helpful. It brings us the possibility to get to know other realities, experience and learn each culture and embrace it with all affection in order to make us grow.

Sardinia surprised me in that regard. I saw citizens constantly fighting against poverty, greeting us and each other with a smile even though they were facing difficult battles. The incredible architectural style of Sardinia was what I was most passionate about"

Maria, It's the second time she's been on youth exchanges...was Greece, now Sardinia...already a professional player

"I learned and developed skills that I didn’t even know I had. Also I had a lot of fun and created lots of memories. I definitely want to travel with Erasmus again! I love the fact that I get to discover a new place, meet new people, interact with other cultures and make new friends! It is also amazing to develop my language skills!

The thing that surprised me the most in Sardinia was the fact that the locals didn’t know how to speak in english which made the communication a lot harder but it still was a lot of fun trying to communicate with them!"

Michel. Another professional traveler and camera man who travels everywhere with his camera, positive mood and friends...You need a positive and a great movie, just call Michel

"I've always searched for opportunities to meet people who come from different backgrounds. Learning what it means to be different really defined this ERASMUS. I was expecting a lot, but not this much. I felt really really happy during this project, mostly because I was able to make my friends happy with a new experience for them. The happier my friends are, the happier I am.

I would love to travel with ERASMUS again and again and again and again and again... I always come back from the trips a new and different person, fresh and inspired to become a better me!

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