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Tereza - Graduate from the Academy of fine Arts in Prague - now part of Arte das Portas Abertas

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Tereza is a young artist from Czech Republic that just recently moved on Madeira Island. She is going to be part of the project Arte das Portas Abertas. This project has been going on for 11 years, and definitely turned the dangerous center of Funchal into a turistic attraction! Read on and find out more about Tereza's art and her first impressions of the island.

You moved to Madeira just recently. How do you feel here so far?

I am really happy to be here. After a long stand in Czech Republic in the middle of Prague, I really needed to change the place of living.

Is there anything that surprised you on the Island, that is much different than your home country?

After my arrival, I realized, people here have a different tempo of life. First few days I had a small cultural shock because I had a lot of work before I moved out. I arrived stressed, but here was no stress. The island is very calm, and people are very kind. I am happy to be here. It is nice to fell a natural element like a wind, strong waves and sun, and huge mountains.

If you can choose 3 things from home that Madeira doesn’t have, what would it be?

Hot water in the ocean, Elmex toothpaste, and tatranky.

Can you share with us a bit about your art background?

My work deals with the topic of transcendentality, spirituality and mysticism. It results in space art installations which include sculptures and sound art. I confront digital with craft material, intimacy with the public, and subjective perception with religious dogmas. I draw from the history of art and my own experiences. I work with audio art, object, sculpture, body, monumentality, processual art, and feminism.

In my art, I draw from my roots.

I was interested in painting due to my high school education. I was able to expand my paintings into objects and as a result of that, the objects expanded into space installation. Originally I was a shoe designer. My studies in Intermedia studio made my art become more creative so I started to focus more on new media, for example, audio art and singing. I am interested in experimenting and Process Art, that leads me step by step to the next form.

Now I focus on object and art installation. I'm researching artistic overlap in this media and how the painting can expand into object and art installation. This approach to space installation and specific atmosphere opened the door to audio and voice recording.

I graduated in Academy of fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in department of intermedial confrontation. (UMPRUM) I currently do my Master studies in the same school. During my studies I was on an internship in Academy of Fine Art in Prague in the studio of sculpture in UMPRUM, and in an artist residency in Cyprus. I make a living by restoring monuments and lightdesign. I have experiences with curating my own projects or exhibitions with foreign artist in Vacurova studio.

Do you think this experience will contribute to your art?

I am sure that this experience will contribute not only my art, but maybe it will change my thinking about art scene and art in general. It is very important to meet other artist with individual cultural background and institution as well.

You will be part of the project Arte das Portas Abertas. Do you already have on mind what you’ll be painting? Of course, if you can share with us. 😊

Yes, In my previous work I focused on painting. I created flow or whirl by acryl on canvas. The whirl has a deep connections with other symbols and for me is important, because it comes naturally and it is also my topic. I chose a gate in the Santa Maria street which can be part of my concept. I was surprised that here on Madeira Island people are very open to artists. And I am really looking forward to it!

Any advice for future volunteers on Madeira?

I'm not sure if I have any advice, because I have been here just a short time. But I can definitely recommend the nice and open team of Arte.M!

Marija Trifunovska


Funchal, Madeira


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