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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Meet Lisa Camacho, a passionate local guide who wholeheartedly shares the wonders of her hometown, Funchal. Her belief in Mark Twain's famous quote, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life," led her to establish her own company and embark on an extraordinary journey.

Her determination to preserve the charm of Funchal and ensure a welcoming experience for visitors drives her passion. Funchal's increasing popularity as a tourist, cultural, and commercial center further motivates Lisa to continue her remarkable journey.

Her brilliant concept of free walking tours started as a challenge while she was still a mountain guide and since has attracted a large number of tourists to Funchal. By relying on visitors' goodwill to tip her at the end of the tour, Lisa ensures that she delivers a knowledgeable and informative experience while making the tours accessible to everyone. The positive reviews and recommendations on various platforms reflect the gratitude and satisfaction of her attendees.

From last year, together by her side is her partner in crime, Romeu, a musician, and they are a dynamic duo that offer a captivating exploration of Funchal's rich history, art, and architecture. Their guided walking tours provide visitors with inside information for a perfect holiday on the island, showcasing both Funchal's old town and its essentials.

Lisa's company extends beyond free walking tours. On days when she isn't conducting them, she organizes challenging hiking tours that allow visitors to experience the rugged terrain and essence of Madeira. While these hikes attract interest, the free tours remain the top choice for tourists, available four days a week.

Lisa's success story underscores the power of simplicity. By offering free walking tours that showcase Funchal's essential culture and background, she has created a thriving business that delights both tourists and herself as a young entrepreneur. Her informative and entertaining tours, together with her wit and humor, leave visitors captivated.

Lisa's business is more than just earning income—it reflects her indomitable spirit, love for travel, and devotion to her island. As her company continues to grow, she eagerly awaits her next adventure. Knowing that she has made a difference in her visitors' lives is a priceless reward for Lisa, who firmly believes that true exploration occurs on foot or “You have only been to a place if you walked there!“

Lisa’s story is part of our project "My soft city: from flaneur to entrepreneur" and soon you will be available to read the whole story among many other successful stories on our blog and e-book, but until then it's worth mentioning that our first art residents and Bulgarian musicians who joined our ARThub Madeira had the privilege of experiencing Romeu's guided tour. They were thrilled by his informative yet entertaining approach, finding him to be a delightful blend of knowledge, humor, and coolness. Their journey with Romeu was as a perfect introduction and start to their creative project in our vibrant and welcoming island and creative ARThub Madeira, setting the tone for a pleasant and inspiring stay.


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