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The Cultural Exploration Journals: HERITAGE STEWARDSHIP in Portugal

Ever wondered why it's super cool to know, celebrate, and protect cultures, nature, and all those awesome natural things? Think about it - knowing where you come from, the heart of your culture, and the cool spots in your hood. It's like connecting the dots between generations, passing down traditions, and keeping the vibe alive in your community.

Guess what? Our project, Heritage Stewardship, is all about that!

Picture this: 2 years, 4 countries – Portugal -ARTE.M association and Escola da APEL, and our co-partner SocioHabita Funchal, Romania-HEI house of education and innovation , Centrul Cultural Județean Constanța Teodor T. Burada , Spain- Celei , Casa Desvio and Croatia DrONe, Ekonomsko-turistička škola, Karlovac  and 8 of us, ready to rock with over 100 cool events and actions. We're talking teachers, art-loving folks, students, and even some awesome school students.

We kicked off with a blast in Croatia and just wrapped up a rerun in Madeira.

Now, get ready for the fun stuff – we're diving into Cultural Heritage, Digital magic, and Social Entrepreneurship. Each country is creating its treasure map, with 50 super cool cultural and natural spots. Plus, we're making a virtual map with pics, videos, and stories about these places.

Hold on tight because we're not just talking about history and culture in textbooks. We're hitting up UNESCO heritage spots, throwing local shindigs, and learning without the boring lectures.

Madeira is buzzing with anticipation as we go forward with our project. On Madeira, 32 enthusiastic participants had just finished an engaging program for youth and went headfirst into rigorous brainstorming sessions, eagerly investigating the island's lesser-known natural beauties. João Nunes the director of Parque Ecológico do Funchal was quite interesting to talk to, and we learned a lot from our discussions with him. However, the actual miracle? This is the beginning of our work along with these brilliant young brains to create a map of Madeira's Natural Heritage.

What's next? We've got art walkshops, museum visits, and expert presentations lined up, not to mention photo classes, eco activities, tree planting in Parque Ecológico Funchal, and more.

Are you ready for our autentures? Do you prefer taking part or giving lectures? Send us an email if you're interested in joining the team, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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