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The god of art of Madeira - Marcos Milewski

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

When I first came to Art Center Caravel , as a volunteer to present to people the art that is exposed there, it was certainly not easy for me to remember and research well the artists who entrusted their works to us. But the first thing I remembered and my favorite works remained , were the works of Professor Marcos. For me, Marcos has a particularly recognizable style and emotion in his works that is not often encountered. Visitors to our gallery, when asked what left the biggest impression on them, most of them answer: works of Marcos.

You’re also teaching young artists, as I’re giving lessons, you’re a professor?

Marcos: I have a painting studio - which is my studio where I paint and once a week I receive people who want to paint. For an afternoon, usually on Tuesdays, it’s for those who want to come paint and draw and talk about art.

You have a recognizable style and what I find really interesting is the girl in your paintings – please tell me more, who’s that girl? Why’s she always in your paintings?

Marcos: Ahhh… yes… I don't know… it’s something that doesn’t… we don’t think much about… I always like to put a… for example, I painted the whale and the human being counterpoint - a big animal with a person , a girl - because we already know ... the relative scale: 1m50 - 2m for a person and what a whale is; the same for the bus, the same for everything: the human being is a way of ... the reality of measurement.

Is there young artists in Madeira that you know and you think will become as successful as you?

Veronika Zhezhovska 12.01.2021


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