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The Ultimate Guide to Creative Stitches: A Patchwork Workshop for Sustainable Art

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Last Saturday was a truly extraordinary day at our Art Center Caravel & ARThub Madeira in the old town of Funchal, Madeira, when we welcomed the talented Tereza Sykorova from the Czech Republic to lead a patchwork workshop and encourage creativity.

This workshop is part of an Erasmus+ project called nARTure, where we bring together both worlds we love most, art and nature.

And as for the artist, she is dear friend of ours for a long time and she just recently came back on the island and had her solo exhibition at Anona Gallery. Tereza Sykorova for sure has made a name for herself in the Madeira art scene.

This remarkable workshop was open to both artists and non-artists and aimed to teach the art of sustainability through the patchwork method. With the goal of breathing new life into unusable clothes and fabrics, Tereza led the group to explore the beauty and potential of seemingly ordinary materials.

With needle and thread in hand, each participant was encouraged to unleash their unique vision and bring it to life through a vibrant patchwork creation. Amidst the warm aroma of coffee and tea, the atmosphere was filled with creativity and everyone enjoyed the moment and the joy of artistic expression.

We thank Tereza from the bottom of our hearts for her incredible talent, patience and tireless encouragement that inspired everyone to unleash their inner artist. Even those who had never sewn before were able to explore their creativity under her guidance.

Best of all, this incredible workshop was completely free, making it an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to experience the magic of patchwork art. So if you are ever in Funchal, Madeira, be sure to stop by our art center & hub to join in and unleash your inner artist!

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