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Travelling, adventures and coffee. Talks with Tereza.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We already presented you Tereza, our volunteer from Czech Republic. This time we are speaking about her travels around the world, and love towards coffee. Read on and find out where she had the best coffee ever!

You love to travel, what is the best place that you’ve visited?

I’ve visited many places, North, South and Mid America, Israel, Europe… but I have to say I love tropical places and jungles, ocean, mountains, and nature in general. It is really hard to choose favourite place, but If I have to I would say Colombia, Santa Lucia, Jordan and Madeira.

And if you have to choose, what are the top 3 the best coffees you ever had?

First, my forever favourite is coffee from a coffee shop in Prague, the city where I used to live, named Prazirna. I always love to go back there. Number two would be a coffee I tried in Colombia, Juan Valdez, and I absolutely fell in love with. Sometimes I also order it from their website and use it at home. Finally, we have a small coffee company in my hometown, which I like to enjoy from time to time as it remines me of my childhood.

What is the coffee culture in Czech Republic?

Actually in my culture, we drink coffee from a very young age. I had my first cappuccino when I was 11 years old. Coffee is part of our tradition, and I believe that is how my love towards coffee begin. Lately, I’ve noticed that people are always in a hurry and decide to grab coffee to go. Otherwise, a morning coffee is a must. Another thing I’ve noticed is that mainly ladies like to sit in coffee places, enjoy coffee and chat. In my country, coffee very often goes together with a cigarette.

What about Art Food Corner Madeira, how do you like it?

My working days always start at Art Food Corner. We gather here to have a cup of amazing coffee. It is definitely the best coffee I’ve tried on Madeira Island. And believe me, I've tried many! This coffee somehow reminds me of my hometown coffee. I absolutely love the garoto (macchiato). Also, when I want to skip the regular bolo do caco and chips, I choose some of the healthy options they have. Hummus salad is a must! And I have to mention, not only the food and coffee, in Art Food Corner Madeira you can taste the art as well.

What is the craziest activity/travel you have done?

I like adrenaline sports, so paragliding on the Andes and windsurfing in Madeira are my favourite activities. Another unusual thing I’ve done, on a festival in Ostrava I’ve tried fried cockroaches.

Name 3 best places people need to visit in a lifetime.

Santa Marta in Colombia, Beskydy mountains in Czech Republic, and beach of Sao Jorge beach in Madeira.

Marija Trifunovska


Funchal, Madeira


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