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"Turning Tetra Paks into Art: A Fun Workshop Experiment"

Ever heard of printing on Tetra Paks? It's like giving those milk and juice cartons a second artistic life – talk about a makeover for the recycling runway!

One of the recent work shops in our ARThubMadeira was an eco-art experiment. It was a delightful fusion, with participants from our residency joining forces with Lara de Campos e Erica Gomes students from the University of Madeira's art program to give us a lesson...

Tetra Pak intaglio, the "funky cousin" of regular metal engraving, is like a wild experiment in the world of printing. Imagine this: instead of using a fancy metal plate, we're swapping it out for a Tetra Pak piece, like those cartons that hold your milk or juice. It's like recycling meets art class! These Tetra Paks are like mini superheroes with layers of cardboard, a touch of metal, and a dash of plastic.

So, our workshop goal? To reveal a printing method that's eco-friendly and artsy all at once. We spilled the beans on this quirky technique, making everyone a Tetra Picasso of our island.Yesss!

Some were gleefully amazed by their prints, uncovering the enchanting variations that danced across each fresh stroke. Others, well, they embarked on an inky adventure, attempting to refine their prints and accidentally becoming an abstract canvas themselves. But lo and behold, by the end of our creative journey, we had birthed a colossal collection of one-of-a-kind eco-prints and an abundance of ink-stained smiles. Plus, we adopted a newfound eco-technique, set to be a star in our eco-art saga nARTure project and a shiny new tool in our creative treasure trove.

Materials needed:

Tetra Pak boxes;

Ink rollers;

White sheets of paper;

Kitchen roll;

Printing ink;

X-Act or dry tips;

Cotton buds / towels;

Hard flat surface (so you can roll the paint roller) -in our case it was empty wine bottle

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