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Volunteer Training in Covilha

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

From the 13th till the 20th of June, ARTE.M attended its first training course in Covilha, Portugal. All of the European Voluntary Service volunteers located in Portugal got a chance to participate in it.

It felt like an international cultural exchange meeting, from Europe and abroad! The main reason for this training was to unite all of the volunteers in Portugal and to start collaborating during their stay in the country and in the future as well. "We got to know ourselves better, what does it mean to be a volunteer and also our rights in the organization. Working in a team was the main focus during our workshops and projects and in the end it was one big family, so different and yet so alike. We are thankful for this experience and looking foreword to collaborating with many associations in the future" - Milena Milenkoska, "Art in the Heart" project volunteer.

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