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Young, over-talented and full of life-Paulo Silva

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

One of our artists in the cultural and artistic association "ARTE.M" and International ART Center Caravel, a young, hopeful, talented and hard-working boy, who has so much to say and show, but is still modest - Paulo Silva.

With a specific and recognizable style, versatile, Paulo inspired me to do an interview so that you could get to know him better and get to know his work. This boy is as amazing as his art!

When did you start painting, how you discovered your talent? Paulo: I always loved drawing. When I was a kid I would draw stick figures and sketch out crazy beings from my imagination. In year 7 I had my own sketchbook and would copy the cartoons I watched, Marvel, Dragon Ball, etc etc. When I reached high school I chose to study Arts. So for three years my passion intensified and I went on to realistic drawing, other than many different techniques like painting in different materials, sculpting.. After high school I chose to study Design and in my free time (mainly on holidays ) I would draw landscape sceneries or animals. After my bachelor degree I fell ill... so I spent my time in recovery drawing everyday until one day I managed to sell a few at a souvenir Art shop. That same year I ended up drawing many portraits for my friends or of their pets. And then I came across the gallery where I volunteered and exhibited some of my quarantine art .

Where you find inspiration and motivation? What technique do you use?? Paulo: So I started out with 2D stick figures on to comic book style cartoons and also manga with copic markers. High school was then realism with chalk, pencils, coal, paints.. A big mix, but I always preferred a pencil than a paintbrush because you're able to control the pressure in a different way (and you can also play around with shading with more easy ). Since I finished high school I pretty much only draw in pencil and coloring pencil (which I didn't like to use in high school..) and also dry pastel and oil pastel.

During quarantine i also took the time to learn new techniques and so I explored into Digital Art and Photo manipulation / Photo compositions. I decided to expand my knowledge on digital software as I'm also a Designer and I didn't want my imagination to be limited to my inexperience of Photoshop. So, I saw many, many tutorials and now make my own photographic compositions.

How you spend your time? What is your hobby? Paulo: My main hobbies are sports/exercise, drawing and watching movies As a kid I practiced cricket, baseball, football, swimming and Capoeira . I took on swimming for 7 years and even did a lifeguard course at the end and I still practice Capoeira, for the past 10 years (and counting ). But I love working out and exercise in general, especially with the hot weather and amount of nature we have on the Island. I've always loved cinema. Started martial arts because of my love for Jackie Chan and his stunts. Also enjoy Marvel movies, horror, comedy and sci-fi, musicals every now and then too.

What do you think about the project ''arte de portas abertas''? Would you support /participate in renewing the project? Paulo: Sounds like a fun project ..I think it's a great and creative way to display our Islands artists and also renovating old doors which have already lost their use and value. Brightening up the island in general and exhibiting creative minds.

Is there any artist that you admire and you would like to reach? Paulo: Current artists that I admire are Jackson Cadpersz ( @jackson_caspersz ), Kelvin Okafor ( @kelvinokafor_art ), Sheila Giovanni ( @sheilargiovanni_artes ), Justin Cohen ( @banethedog ), Chris Clarke ( @chris_clarke_art ) and Ruby Welstead ( @rubywelsteadartist ). So pretty much hyperrealistic artists (mainly drawing) and also creative digital artists.

Where do you see yourself in the future, plans, fears? Paulo: In the next five years ... I hope to be working as a Designer, Personal Trainer or professional artist with monthly commissions/strong clients.. I also hope to have traveled a bit through Europe or the US and maybe even look into acting, once I'm financially stable. I fear of missing out on good opportunities when they pass by and being too old to get into acting..The pandemic is also ruining a few traveling plans.. But in five years I see it as an open book where anything can happen. One day I might meet someone and travel half way across the world or receive and amazing job offer also elsewhere (in Madeira it's a bit harder to happen though..).

What's your life moto? Paulo: My life motto I strongly live by, especially after moving to Madeira and living through tough times, is "Never Give Up". A few other phrases I like to follow are: "Maximum Effort" to 'get in the mood' "If you're good at something, never do it for free" and "The person that helps others, not because they have to, but because they can, is a real superhero"- (Stan Lee ).

We were together guests in 88.8 JMFM - Estamos juntos, talking about our collaboration and our art!

Veronika Zhezhovska 11.11.2020


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