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ARTE.M represented Portugal on a PBA in France

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

This October, we visited France and took a part at the Partnership Building Activity ‘’Let’s meet up’’ organized by our new partners Tambour Battant from the Alsace region in France. The main goal of our visit was to meet new potential partners for our ongoing and future projects.

Arriving in Paris was the best option for us, so we decided to spend a day in this French metropolitan and visit the famous Eiffel tower. As typical for this time of the year, it was rainy, but the cosy atmosphere at the coffee shops and restaurants was bringing great energy to everyone around.

On our way to the train station, we stopped at the Louver Museum where we tried to discover the rose line. If you have seen the famous movie The Da Vinci Code, you probably know what we are speaking about. The Paris meridian is a meridian line running through the Paris Observatory and the Louver Museum. After half an hour we finally spotted one of the 135 Arago medallions that are marking the meridian line it the city of Paris.

In the afternoon, we took the train to Strasbourg, and finally arrived late at night in Mutzig – the town where the PBA was organized.

Besides ARTE.M Association, which represented Portugal and Madeira Island, many other organizations from France, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Poland participated in this project.

As usually, we spent the first couple of days to meet each other, present our association and the area we operate, and of course, learn some new energizers. 😊 We also spoke about the importance of Erasmus+ projects, and how to involve and positively influence our local communities.

By the middle of our stay in France, we visited Strasbourg and the European Parliament. At the EU Parliament we had a chance to visit the chamber and follow one of the sessions.

Did you know that coal and steel were the first products that helped develop the European Economic Community after the WWII, which today we all know as European Union? We found out many interesting facts about EU during the presentation at the Parliament.

The afternoon was reserved for Strasbourg’s Cathedral and walk to Le Petite France. We have to say, we absolutely loved this charming city!

As soon as we headed back to Mutzig, the team had many ideas for future collaborations, so we got right on it. Human rights, non-discrimination, environmental conscience and art therapy were the topics we loved to speak about. We used the last few days of the PBA to even create new projects!

We are very excited to announce that ARTE.M will be the host of one of the training courses that were born during this project!

We came back home with many new friendships, partnerships and ideas, information and motivation! Follow the blog for more events where you can participate as well! :)

ARTE.M team

October 2022


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