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Young artists from Madeira and Portugal, let's go to Sardinia! 100% co-funded by Erasmus plus.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Really impressive news. The project we have been waiting for over a year...finally the dates have been announced and that means the Madeiran artists can pack their bags.

Well, of course, not all artists, but only those who are really motivated and ready to prove it to us....

Only 5 places for 4 artists and 1 team leader. And it looks like you need to be really fast.

So, you are probably very impatient to learn more about the project?

"STREET PEERS" is an international youth exchange that will take place in Cagliari from 13 to 20 June 2022 and will be carried out within the Erasmus + program. The project will involve 40 youngsters and group leaders from Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Greece and Croatia The main aim of this project is to promote social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through the use of Street Art and Street Games, proposing it as a tool capable of developing competences useful in the labour market, both artistic or general.


The objectives we have foreseen for this youth exchange are:

- to promote social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through Street Art and Street Games and to share best practices at european level on the topic among the participants;

- to propose Street Art as a tool to develop soft skills useful in the labour market and as an alternative path to the social radicalisation of the disadvantaged groups;

- to foster intercultural learning through the exchange between participants using the methods of non formal and informal education;

- to organize a final event where participants and local youngsters could express themselves artistically;

- to inform about the opportunities of the Erasmus+ Programme for young people as a tool for social inclusion and growth for young people


Each delegation will consist of 4 young people aged between 18 and 25 plus 1 team leader. Priority will be given to the participation of young NEETs or those from social distress groups. Participants profile: • Be interested in the topic of arts; • Be interested in street culture; • Be aware of the importance of mutual understanding between peoples; • Be aware of the importance of associations, especially youth associations; • Have the will to make available to their peers the skills acquired during the exchange; • Promote knowledge of your local community through online dissemination activities;


The selection of participants will be done through cooperation of the hosting and sending organizations according to the participant profiles in the application form. The selection will be finalized by the 1st of May, 2022. The selected participant BEFORE buying the tickets will fill the below application form. Purchasing of the tickets before 8th of may


ARRIVAL DAY: 13th of June 2022 DEPARTURE DAY: 20th of June 2022


For this project, the cost of travel is limited to 360 euros for participants from Madeira. The participant buys the ticket himself and receives a reimbursement after the project. So, dear participants, we are all interested in buying the cheapest ticket possible. Be creative and try to look at all possible options. We will try to find a solution for the whole group to fly together, but sometimes it's not easy.

Do not buy any ticket without our confirmation. Before buying the tickets, you should always send the travel plan of the participant for our authorization so you may proceed. Tickets should be bought with insurance for cancelation to prevent any inconvenience concerning COVID-19.

NOTICE The travel reimbursement will be done by bank transfer only to the partner organization accounts for their group of participants or to one of the participants involve who will take responsibility, according to the rules by the National Agency. The reimbursement will be done ONLY when the following steps are done: · Collect and provide the invoices; tickets (there must be a price, name of the person and mean of payment stated on it); · All boarding passes; · Mobility report filled by the participant.

In Italy all the people who completed vaccination process are allowed to enter. They only request Green Pass or Vaccination doc witnessing it & to fill passenger locator form in advance. If you are not vaccinated they base their rules according to 3 colours (green, yellow, red) countries. Please for more info check the official website from Italian government: lingua=english - things may be changed by June, we will keep you posted.


Participants will be accommodated 4 bed rooms or more, divided by gender

The Hostel has access to Wi-fi, there are also a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants in the area with accessible Wi-fi

Participants will have guaranteed dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Please we notice you breakfast will be served in Hostel, the rest of the meals will be served in restaurants close by the Hotel. All dishes will reflect Italian or international cuisine.

Please be active and find as much information about the place you will be arriving as possible in advance. What we know for sure is that there will be a city game where the winner will be the one who knows more about the city than the rest...of course, the people of Cagliari don't count...

More question ????It is great, you can easily communicate with us via e-mail:

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